A Tale as a form of dipicting in works by P.P. Bazhov and S.G. Pisahov

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Our scientific work is called “A Tale as a form of dipicting in works by P.P. Bazhov and S.G. Pisahov” and is devoted to the study of a tale form of narration in Russian prose memoir in 1920-1230-ies of XX century. The work examines collections of essays “Ural true stories” by P.P. Bazhov and “I gave the whole of myself to North” by S.G. Pisahov. The article is based on such concepts as “tale”, “autobiography”, “sketch”, “picturesqueness”. We conducted an analysis of individual style of writers, singled out common features that are typical of the style of both authors and the style of ' artistic era” (A.S. Sakulin). The essays are being investigated from the point of view of stylistic devices and features of the artistic language. It is being proved that depiction is one of the most important elements of creating an artistic text in a fantasy form of narration.

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M A Agapova

Moscow state pedagogical University

Email: amag11@yandex.ru


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