Mythopoetics in the book of Sergei Gorodetsky “Wild will”

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In this article there is an analysis of the mythopoetics of S. Gorodetsky’s book “Wild will” (1907). Analyzing the data, was discovered, that Gorodetsky, who was famous for the poems about Ancient Russia, its customs and folklore in his first book “Yar’” (1906), still pays attention to old times, but development of new legends becomes less important, many motives disappear and some motives have new way of representation. The main attention has been paid for the binary oppositions (life-death, freedom-captivity), for the idea of “wild will” itself, for symbols and for composition of the book. In addition, there is an investigation about conditions of the publishing of the book, about attitude of the critics to “Wild will”.

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T V Shcherbakova

Moscow State University



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