Paradoxes of «space-time» model transformation specificity of literary time and space presentation in L. Ulitskaya's prose

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The article observes on the specificity of literary time and space presentation in female prose (on the material of the novel «Funeral party» by L. Ulitskaya. The peculiarity of topos in L. Ulitskaya's work is defined by the representation of the house space (apartment) filled with the numerous details. With this, the apartment's limited secluded space tends to widening at the expense of inclusion of the homeland's open spaces, which emigrants had taken away on «their soles» and spaces of the new country, in which they have settled and which they «bring in» along with their problems in the hero's house. And then the space is narrowed to the bounds of the person's inner world. An approach to the memory of a character as an internal space for the temporal development of the events is typical of L. Ulitskaya works. The category of time in literary works is represented in two aspects: historical time - memory time (reconstructed by means of familiar details) and real time (depiction by means of reliable features).

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Baku Slavic University (BSU)

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