Synthes of Persian and Indian traditions in Khuskhal-khan Khattak’s «qasida about women types» (to the subject of ‘young’ Medieval Literature origin specifics)

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This article analyses a poem, composed by the founder of national Afghani literature Khuskhal-khan Khattak, which represents a remake of traditional Indian love treatises and combines features of surrounding Persian and Indian traditions. The qasidah, telling how to make the right choice of life partner, becomes another chapter of ‘life encyclopedia’ that the author was creating throughout his whole literary work. Carefully selecting and modifying classical material, Khuskhal-khan integrates it with his own observations, subjects it to his literary aims and thus in the end creates a unique piece. The poem composed in accordance with such way of working reflects the specifics of ‘young’ Medieval literature emergence process.

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Y I Kunitskaya

Moscow State University

Chair of iranian phylology Institute of African and Asian Studies


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