Mythopoetical System of the Novel by M. A. Sholohov «And Quiet Flows the Don»: Specifics of the Structure and Evolution

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The article is dedicated to mythopoetical structure of M.A. Sholohov's novel «And Quiet Flows the Don». Mythopoetical motives, characters, images taken both from pagan as well as Christian tradition come together into a single artistic system. The system serves to uncover the uniqueness of commonplace perception of the Revolution and also bring to fruition the author's appeal for national peace and overcoming the hostility and animosity.

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Y B Soldatkina

Moscow State Pedagogical University

Филологический факультет; Московский государственный педагогический университет; Moscow State Pedagogical University


Copyright (c) 2010 Солдаткина Я.В.

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