New Book about Bulgakov. Book Review: Urupin, I.S. (2020). M.A. Bulgakov’s Works in the National-Cultural Context of the Epoch. Moscow: Flinta. 572 p. (In Russ.)

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Boris V. Sokolov

Association of Researchers of the Russian Society (AIRO-XXI)

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Dr. hab. in Philology, PhD in History, Senior researcher

37 office., 7 build, 7, 11 Chusovskaya St, 107207, Moscow, Russian Federation


  1. Bulgakov, M.A. (2013). The Master and Margarita. The White Guard. Comp., introd. article and comment by B.V. Sokolov. Kharkov; Belgorod: Klub Semejnogo dosuga publ. (In Russ.)

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