From Kyzyl to Paris: the geopoetics of the modern psycho logical novel (“Rain in Paris” by R. Senchin)

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The article is devoted to the discussion of modern literary material - R. Senchin’s novel “Rain in Paris” (2018) as a phenomenon of realistic prose. Considered the features of the “novel of a generation”, a variety of geopoetics works, its regional discourses, connecting the distant spatial and sociohistorical plans - from Kyzyl, city of Tuva, to close to the border with Ukraine Bobrov in Voronezh Oblast, Estonia and Paris, the days of being in which involve the central character into the painful process of self-refl ection and reappraisal. Connection of geopoetics with the image of consciousness of the central character and change of historical epochs is traced. In the fi eld of artistic vision of the author of the novel fall tectonic shifts of the 1980s-2010s both in the space of the personal fate of the 40-year-old “hero of time” and his peers, and in the sphere of public life.

About the authors

Ilya B. Nichiporov

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor habil., Professor of the Department of the History of the Newest Russian Literature and the Modern Literary Process

1 Leninskiie gory, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation


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