The specifics of Hu Shuli’s work in the conditions of the new stage of reforms and opening up

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Today, the People’s Republic of China, formed on October 1, 1949, being at the starting point in a new historical era, continues to successfully pursue a policy of reforms and opening up, initiated by the great statesman of China, Deng Xiaoping (小平 (1904-1997)). The article presents an analysis of the main trends in the functioning of the financial and economic press of China on the example of the work of one of the brightest leading media representatives of the PRC, Hu Shuli. For almost 20 years, she is considered to be the benchmark for quality analytical journalism, on which the new generation of journalists look up to.

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Olga E. Te

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Philology, Lecturer of the Department L-4, Faculty of Linguistics, The Bauman Moscow State Technical University

5 2nd Baumanskaya St., bldg. 1, Moscow, 105005, Russian Federation


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