“Miraculous realism” in Zaitsev’s, Shmelev’s, Bunin’s prose (in context of magical realism, fantastic realism, mystical realism, spiritual realism, etc.)

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There are many terms that denote the invasion of the inexplicable into a realistic narrative, such as: magical realism, fantastic realism, mystical realism, spiritual realism, transcendental realism, metaphysical realism, Christian realism, etc. The author suggests the term “miraculous realism” to describe the realistic works in which there are miraculous (means associated with the category of something unbelievable) event inserts are present. Such miracles lead to obvious violations of the laws of nature and do not fit into the “scientific picture of the world”. “Miraculous realism” in Bunin’s prose, in Zaitsev’s and Shmelev’s autobiographical works, considered in comparison to Chekhov’s materialistic method.

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Vitaliy Alexandrovich Gavrikov

Bryansk Branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation

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