“Dionysus Hyperborean” by A. Blok: the esthetic strategy of an unrealized idea

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The article is devoted to a rough copy of the mystery play “Dionysus Hyperborean” composed by 1. Blok - a copy that has never been in the focus of researchers’ attention. Meanwhile this sketchy work, written just before the unveiling of his first lyrical play “Balaganchik”, helps the readers to grasp the essence of his esthetic strivings in dramatic for the author period. That was the period of transition from “strategy” of “Verses about a Fair Lady” inspired by religious Vl. Solovyov sophiology to “mystical realism” the first manifestation of which, as Blok himself stated, could be seen in the artistic method of the drama “Balaganchik”.

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Vladimir Alexandrovich Sarychev

Lipetsk State Pedagogical P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky University

Author for correspondence.
Email: vladimirsary4ev@yandex.ru

Doctor of Philological Science, Professor, Professor Russian Language and Literature Department, Institute of Philology

42 Lenina St., Lipetsk, 398020, Russian Federation


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