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The article is devoted to the foundation and development of the onthopetic ideas and the fiction methods communicated with them in Nikolay Gumilev’s poems. The article shows that the poet identifies a word with a fire, spacializes it in the marine images, in later poems connects it with an image of metal. The images communicated with a word become things and somatic and have the akmeistic nature.The conception of the magic akmeism leads to the onthologic understanding of a word as a being and a word is explicitly identified with the alive and thing beings which allows to take the profound principles of Gumilev’s poetry with the sincrcetic principles of a mythology as a praart.

About the authors

E V Merkel

Technical institute (Branch) of North-Eastern Federal University

Author for correspondence.

Merkel Elena Vladimirovna, Doctor of Philology, Professor at the Department of Philology, Technical institute (Branch) of North-Eastern Federal University.

ул. Кравченко 16, Нерюнгри, Республика Саха (Якутия), 678960


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Copyright (c) 2017 Merkel E.V.

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