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The author’s problem in Ryurik Ivnev’s ‘The Sun in the Coffin’ (1921) is studied from the author’s perspectives. It is concluded that at least three Ryurik Ivnev’s strategies as an author can be distinguished: the first, the least obvious, coming from his youthful excitement about Nadson’s neo-romantic poetry, Baudelaire’s and Blok’s symbolism and appearing in a very weakened form, can be called a decadent one. The second strategy is determined by the poet’s recent belonging to egofuturism. The third one was formed under the influence of imaginism aesthetics, to which the poet was attracted when writing the book. Ryurik Ivnev’s strategies, spontaneously but sometimes consciously, were aimed at forming the literary image of the author, identified with the persona. The themes and motives of the book are concentrated around the hypertrophic and screened in the text «I» which becomes the center of Ryurik Ivnev’s poetic worldview. All the strategies are intricately intertwined and give rise to the quality of the style that distinguishes sharply ‘The Sun in the Coffin’ against the background of the Russian poetry of the 1920s and which can be referred to as surrealism.

About the authors

G G Isaev

Astrakhan State University

Author for correspondence.

Isaev Gennadii Grigoryevich, Doctor of Philology, professor, head of the Department of Russian Literature, Astrakhan State University.

Tatischev str., 20a, Astrakhan, Russia, 414056


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