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The article is devoted to the so called “Italian cycle” in Nikolai Gumilev’s poetry. It consists of the poems “Venice”, “Fra Beato Angeliko”, “Pisa”, “Rome”, “The Cathedral of Padova”, “Genova”, “Bologna”, “Napoli”, “Villa Borghese”, “Florence”. The common structure of the poems devoted to Italy and the Italian cities is described.The “Italian cycle” is a part of developing the theme of travel in Nikolai Gumilev’s poetry. The travels of the poet in different cities and countries are reflected in his poetry and this “travel diary” had a clear objective: to point a given toponym on the map making out of it a culturonym, which has a specific semiotic significance.

About the authors

Igor Fedorovich Golovchenko

The Pyatigorsk State University

Author for correspondence.
Kalinin Avenue, 9, Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Krai, Russia, 357532


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Copyright (c) 2017 Головченко И.Ф.

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