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This article is about the interpretation of object images of a certain type in the literature of the early twentieth century. Cultural memory appears in these images as the fruit of good deed.Time is felt through the image in space. Ethical meaning of objects is analyzed in the context of “good deed” as the essence of human culture. As a hypothesis, there is a need to examine the particular idyllic discourse.In the unity of the “idyllic discourse” examines the works of Bunin (“Black soil”, “Antonovsky apples”, “The accursed days”); Gumilev’s poem “The Town”, “The prodigal son” and “Strayed tram”; the Savin’s poem “And the canary. And the geranium...”, the short story “In the dead house”.

About the authors

Darya Alexadrovna Zavelskaya

St. John the Theologian’s Moscow Orthodox Institute

Author for correspondence.
Chernyshevskogo srt. 11 a, Moscow, Russia


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