No 2 (2010)


Prosodic theory of John Rupert firth

Gavrilova J.V.


This article is devoted to analysing the views of the outstanding British linguist of the XXth century John Rupert Firth. The article gives a definition of the term «prosody» and results of the syllabic structures analysis of Latin, Greek and Arabic, carried out by Firth. Both advantages and disadvantages of the scientists views are also presented.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):5-10
pages 5-10 views

Grammar form and semantics of number in clothes and accessory appellationsin Russian and Spanish languages

Lazareva O.V.


This article concerns categorical semantics of number. This grammar category is regarded as a unity between meaning and form. Opinions of Russian and Spanish linguists on this problem are represented in this article. The languages are compared in the aspect of semantic field and lexical groups. The research is based on Russian and Spanish appellation of clothes and accessories.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):11-19
pages 11-19 views

The reduction of the unstressed vowels in the English and Russian languages

Funtova I.L.


The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of the degrees of reduction of the unstressed vowels (quantitative, qualitative and zero) in the English and Russian languages. We also contemplate the words which have weak (reduced) forms.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):20-26
pages 20-26 views

The pragmatical versions of indirect speech acts presented in Russianart texts of the XX century

Kuznetsova S.V.


The results presented in the article are based on detailed analyses of acts of speech where the aim of the utterance doesnt coincide with the form of the sentence.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):27-33
pages 27-33 views

Anglicisms in the Spanish womens magazines

Kuleshova N.A.


This article is devoted to the analysis of the anglicisms which are used in the Spanish glitz and glossy womens magazines.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):34-41
pages 34-41 views

Pragmatic peculiarities of Spanish somatic idioms

Kutieva M.V.


This article is dedicated to the study of the Spanish idioms with such words in their composition, which designate internal organs and parts of the human body: kidney, liver, eggs (guts). In Spanish, these idioms are connected, first of all, with the concept «courage» and other basic traits of mans nature.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):42-50
pages 42-50 views

The hypothesis of differentiation of the English adjectivesgood, nice and fine meanings

Prokhorova O.N., Chekulai I.V.


The hypothesis of differentiation of the functional and semantic parameters of the general evaluation adjectives in Modern English is suggested in the given article.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):51-58
pages 51-58 views

Event-related temporary collocations in modern english newspaperdiscourse

Terekhova E.V.


The paper discusses collocations called by the author as «temporary collocations». The temporary collocations (TC) under discussion are understood as expressions with one marked component, being peripheral to the mainstream of idioms and phrasal expressions, which enables us to treat the analyzed TC in a narrow slightly idiomatic meaning. Quite a few examples borrowed from the authentic English newspapers and magazines are used to demonstrate the relationship between the event and the emergence of the TC; also the discourse definition is provided with a focus on interdependence between the TC and the discourse.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):59-65
pages 59-65 views

Occasional and potential compound words of ElfridaJelinek

Perevishina I.R., Ostapova L.E.


In the article nonce compound words of a well-known austrian author Elfrida Jelinek are considered. Semantic peculiarities of new author's compound words are analyzed.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):66-72
pages 66-72 views

Elements of fire in koloristik I. Bunins prose

Popova I.A.


In the article the elements of fire as a fragment of a color picture of the world of I.A. Bunin, functioning in the conditions of art prose are exposed to the analysis and the description. The structure, classification, sphere denotations coloration according to a smooth surface principle is advanced.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):73-81
pages 73-81 views

Selection of legal instruments for teaching law students english forspecial purposes

Alontseva N.V.


Thе article focuses on legal instruments the creation of which requires the knowledge of English.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):82-86
pages 82-86 views

Problem of language and speech in polycultural family

Sahipova Z.G.


This article is about theoretical and practical analysis of forming speech association for the different- cultures environment child. It gives description the main stage of forming childs speech in a few languages at the same time. All of them confirm of examples from own practices. The article is for philologists and language teachers.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):87-98
pages 87-98 views
pages 99-102 views

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Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2010;(2):103-104
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