Culture-Specific Markers of Lexical Layer of Business Discourse

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The study is aimed at revealing culture specific features of the lexical layer of English business discourse and the analysis of explicitness of culturally marked information in the Russian business vocabulary borrowed from the English language. The focus of the study are units of business lexicon, bearing in their semantic structure culture-specific information, which allows to view this vocabulary as linguo-cultural markers of national business discourses. The results of the research show that denoting concepts universal for most world economics many units of English business lexicon manifest evidence of ethnic and cultural peculiarities in viewing the world by people belonging to Anglo-Saxon culture, their values, mythological arsenal, ethnically and culturally determined ways of conceptualizing the world. Contrastive linguo-cultural analysis of the lexical layers of English and Russian business discourses shows that English business terms, borrowed by the Russian language, can either transmit culturally marked information, or transform it, or utterly lose culture-specific meanings inherent to their semantic structures.

About the authors

Larissa P Tarnaeva

Institute of Foreign Languages Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

Second Foreign Language Department


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