Conversations with readers and authors. Seminar 3

Posted: 19.10.2021

The Russian Journal of Linguistics is organizing a series of webinars involving authors and readers, to promote an exchange of views on the topics of the articles presented in recent issue/s.

Seminar 3. Emotionalisation of Media Discourse

We invite our readers to discuss the publications in the Special Issue of the Russian Journal of Linguistics on this topic.


  1. Franco ZAPPETTINI, Douglas M. PONTON and Tatiana LARINA
    Emotionalisation of contemporary media discourse: A research agenda
    25 (3) 586–610
  2. Barbara DANCYGIER
    Narrativised simile and emotional responses to Brexit
    25 (3) 663–684
  3. Andreas MUSOLFF
    Hyperbole and emotionalisation: Escalation of pragmatic effects of proverb and metaphor in the “Brexit” debate
    25 (3) 628–644
  4. Olga A. SOLOPOVA and Svetlana L. KUSHNERUK
    War yesterday and today: The image of Russia in British media discourse
    25 (3) 723–745


  • Franco ZAPPETTINI (University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Douglas M. PONTON (Catania University, Italy)

The webinar will take place in Teams on 27 October 2021, at 4–5:30 pm London GMT (8:00–9:30 am in Vancouver; 5:00–6:30 pm Bratislava, Madrid, Rome, Warsaw; 6:00–7:30 pm Moscow).


Feel free to invite your colleagues and students.

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