No 2 (2013)


Training of masters on the program “Information technologies in education” in MGPU — a new direction, new opportunities

Grigoriev S.G., Grinshkun V.V.


In article features of preparation of masters of pedagogical education according to the new program connected with the theory and practice of informatization of education are described.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):5-13
pages 5-13 views

Informatization of monitoring of study-educational process of adaptive school

Gracheva A.P.


Advantages of informatization of monitoring locate in article within development of adaptive education. The factors necessary for such informatization are described and systematized.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):14-18
pages 14-18 views

Organization of the courses of lectures and workshops on discipline, “Database and information systems” based on modern technologies

Bidaybekov E.Y., Elubayev K., Shekerbekova S.T.


This paper deals with the organization of the course lectures and workshops on the subject “Databases and information systems” in training of future teachers of computer science.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):19-23
pages 19-23 views

Main approaches to defining a content of teaching material in the section “Presentation of information” in computer science or ICT

Istomin I.P.


The problems associated with assessing the quality of information, principles and forms of representation, the role and place of information in teaching computer science students, as well as examples to illustrate possible approaches to the method of reporting.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):24-35
pages 24-35 views

Model of forming professional competence of pedagogical higher school students in the sphere of multimedia technologies

Khatayeva R.S.


The article challenges the formation of professional competence of students in the use of multimedia technology in the educational process. Defined a system of information literacy in the field of multimedia, a model of competence in the area of the graduates of multimedia technology in accordance with the Federal state educational standard-3 (FSES-3).
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):36-40
pages 36-40 views

Using a Built-in graphic editor package for MS Office in teaching geometry at school

Klekovkin G.A., Orlova N.N.


Being considered are the possibilities of using the built-in MS Office package graphics editor for stereometric drawings construction in the school course of geometry.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):41-46
pages 41-46 views

Some particular features of teaching mathematics to students of technical universities to prepare to use computer systems(on example of MathsCAD)

Khozyainova M.S.


This paper discusses the preparation of technical university students to use computer systems. According to the author, the teaching of mathematics, focused on the formation of competencies related to understanding of the systems in the mathematical structures and creation of logical and algorithmic culture provide students to use computer systems at a qualitative level.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):47-52
pages 47-52 views

Use of the graphic calculator in teaching mathematics as a means to increase the level of practical thinking of students of higher education institutions

Bogun V.V.


The role of the graphic calculator to increase the level of practical thinking of students of higher education institutions when training mathematics is discussed in the article.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):53-58
pages 53-58 views

Methodical training of future teachers for the development of spatial thinking of students by means of information technologies

Vasilenko A.V.


Directions of methodical preparation of teacher of mathematics are described in the article, her kinds and levels are described; description of some types of information technologies is presented and their role is certain in the decision of problem of development of the spatial thinking of students
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):59-65
pages 59-65 views

Using information and communication technologies as a factor of improving professional culture of a future doctor

Pudova S.S.


The article reveals directions of using of information and communication technologies in the process of studying medical and biological physics, author assesses situation in higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine and influence of this pedagogical factor on the professional culture of future doctors.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):66-72
pages 66-72 views

About actualization of informational component of school mathematical tasks

Tiugaeva O.V.


In this article the question of IKT — competence of future mathematics teacher, expansion of information potential of mathematical tasks through their information component and application of this technique at mathematics lessons is considered. As computer support at lessons use of the software (calculator) for various sections of mathematics is offered.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):73-77
pages 73-77 views

The bases of development of systems of control and protection information from internal threats

Zhuzhzhalov V.E., Stoyakova K.L., Ibrayev R.R., Ganin D.D.


The present article is devoted to the analysis of information security in the conditions of high-growth hi-tech means of information processing and information security development of systems from internal threats.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):78-81
pages 78-81 views

Modular-competence approach for formation of professional competencies of future computer operator

Kolbasova T.G., Pavlenko L.G.


In article use of modular and competence-based approach is discussed with application of electronic educational resources in vocational training of being trained senior classes.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):82-86
pages 82-86 views

Creation of personal websites of teachers and their use in teaching latin language for special purposes in the higher school

Provotorova E.A.


This article is devoted to introduction of modern information technologies in the process of teaching the Latin language to the students of higher educational institutions. The main attention is paid to the use in the course the Internet-technologies, in particular — personal sites of teachers.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):87-92
pages 87-92 views

Criteria of innovation activity of higher educational institution of IT profile

Fedin F.F., Pavlicheva E.N., Fedin F.O.


In the basic parameters that best characterize the innovation universities specializing in training IT personnel for the Russian economy.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):93-99
pages 93-99 views

Directive, formal and productive introduction of digital educational and methodical materials

Vodopyan G.M.


The experience of implementation of ICT based education materials and practices are discussed. Step by step attempts to introduce ICT based education materials in classroom practices are shown. As a result the set of strategies and procedures of ICT based school transformation process is formed as a model for implementation of digital teaching and learning materials.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):100-105
pages 100-105 views

The principles of working out managerial decisions in ACS

Zhuzhzhalov V.E., Kovalenko I.L., Saprykina I.D., Ganin D.D.


In article are considered model and algorithmic providing difficult dynamic systems (SDO). Types of algorithms and procedure of the solution of tasks are offered.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):106-111
pages 106-111 views

Comprehensive technology of computer-based testing

Kurinin I.N., Nardyuzhev V.I., Nardyuzhev I.V.


In this article a comprehensive technology of computer-based testing is described. Some results of its usage for assessment of students’ achievements in the credit system of education are presented.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):112-121
pages 112-121 views

Using expert systems in drawing up a working curriculum

Pikalov I.Y., Kudinov V.A.


The concept of an expert system is given, its structure and range of application are presented in the article. The possibilities of expert systems at a mode of knowledge input and a mode of consulting at elaboration and choosing disciplines at students’ option are described. The advantages of the expert system use at elaboration of higher education are revealed.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):122-125
pages 122-125 views

Information system of index-rating evaluation of higher school students and the result in its implementation

Rochev K.V.


This paper describes the information system of index-rating evaluation and financial incentives of university students, a list of indicators to measure the student’s activities, features of the calculation and analysis of data on the results of implementing the system in Ukhta State Technical University.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2013;(2):126-134
pages 126-134 views

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