Prospects for the use of blockchain algorithms to ensure security in the management of the educational organization


The article introduces the basic definitions and concepts of blockchain technology are summarized, collected and refracted to educational organizations. Offers concrete options and directions for expanding the use of blockchain technology for interacting with external contractors and partners. Outlines the possibilities of bringing blockchain technology to improve the competitiveness of educational organizations through improved level of security, increasing investment attractiveness and increase marketing power. The following list of possible areas to use blockchain technology for internal processes of educational institutions, whose security can be significantly improved. Described the positive aspects of using corporate blockchain in an educational institution.

About the authors

Alexey Andreevich Zaslavsky

Moscow city pedagogical university

Author for correspondence.

candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of department of business informatics of Moscow city pedagogical university

Sheremetyevskaya str., 29, Moscow, Russia, 127521


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