The Will to Create New Meanings

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The article is dedicated to 70 th birthday anniversary and 45 th anniversary of academic and pedagogical activity of the famous Kazakhstan scientist, acknowledged linguist, professor Eleonora Dyusenovna Suleymenova. The main attention is paid to publicizing of achievements of E.D. Suleymenova in the field of sociolinguistics. The results of researches developed by the scientist and her adepts, firstly, the multicomponent model of the language planning analysis are useful in describing language situations and language planning in different societies, in particular, in the Russian ones. The deconstruction of some provisions of the language contacts theory and bilingualism of the Soviet period is among the main achievements of the scholar; their importance for Post-Soviet researches is being emphasized. Scientific researches of E.D. Suleymenova and her school are fundamental for the course of integral and system humanitarian researches, including theories of language. There is made an attempt of the description of properties of the identity of the scientist as the successor of the best scientific traditions, talented organizer of science, exacting high school teacher, polemist capable to notice weak points in various theories.

About the authors

Uldanai M Bakhtikireeva

People’s Friendship University of Russia


Marina A Bragina

People’s Friendship University of Russia





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