Signs of Identity of Pelevin’s Characters (as Reflected in «Omon Ra», «Babylon»/«Generation «P», «Numbers» Novels)

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This article is dedicated to the role of signs-symbols in Victor Pelevin’s artistic world by examples of the signs of identity of the main heroes in the novels «Omon Ra», «Babylon» (aka «Generation “П”»), «Numbers» (a part of «DTP (NN)»). In the author’s semiotic system are allocated groups of signs-parts, signs-personalities, signs-vectors, signs-numbers. For each of the novels the article determines the most important signs-symbols, and also demonstrates how they help to reveal the author's intention. In conclusion it is noted, that the nature of Pelevin’s signs-symbols determines the evolution («Omon Ra»), degradation («Babylon») or stagnation («Numbers») of the hero.

Olga O Smirnova

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia



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