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The article examines the peculiarities of the Chernigov principality that despite the fragmentation becomes strong, independent state. The analysis made it possible to reveal that in terms of economic, political and cultural development Chernigov principality became the center of ancient kingdoms. However, despite this stability of government in the Chernigov principality remained underdeveloped, unstable system of principalities that undermines ma-nagement principality began to malfunction, which adversely affects its unity, continued strife. Analysis of the features of formation of princely power in South-Eastern XI−XV centuries showed that its evolution has undergone during this period significant historical change. Some of the principality in the consolidation of power structures became a powerful independent state, despite periods of fragmentation decline, others are constantly in a state of hostilities with the Cumans, who were accompanied by the ruin of towns and villages, the capture of the population, etc. But common to all the kingdoms of South-Eastern Russia was striving for freedom. Solutions to this problem are linked with the activities Verkhovskaya principalities, although the latter was also a hard fate. All their history, especially the second half of the XIV century. was closely associated with the struggle for power between the pro-Moscow and prolitovskoy groups. Virtually all the principality Southeast Russia kept the faith, no matter what, in its independence, unity and freedom.

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N V Logacheva

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Russian History




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