Objectification of the Concept ‘Iskusstvo’/‘Art’ in Fictional Discourse in Russian and English Languages

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The article deals with the study of comparative analysis of actualisation peculiarities of the concept ‘iskusstvo’/‘art’ in fictional discourse in the Russian and English languages of XIX-XX centuries. The examples given are taken from Russian National Corpus, British National Corpus and texts of fiction of XIX-XX centuries. There are statistical comparative, descriptive methods and methods of discourse analysis, continuous sample from dictionaries in the analysis. The analysis shows that verbalization of this concept by use of noun prevails in fictional discourse in the Russian and English languages. An additional point is that four groups of meaning characterizing ‘iskusstvo’ and nine groups that characterize ‘art’ have been revealed.

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N V Ban’kova

Institution of Higher Professional Education ‘Astrakhan State Technical University’)

Email: nvbankova@mail.ru
Department of Social Sciences, Humanities and Economics Dmitrov Fishing-Industry Institute (the branch of Federal State Budgetary Educational


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