Some aspects of vocational guidance of youth in the conditions of society informatization

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  • Authors: Lukin V.V., Lyubimova E.A.
  • Issue: No 2 (2014)
  • Pages: 19-23
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  • Retraction date: 18.10.2018
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    The reason for publication retraction is the identification of incorrect co-authorship and duplication of the content of the article. Lukin V.V. Psychological diagnosis ofvocational orientation of young people / V.V. Lukin, E.V. Tikhonov // Demand and supplyin the labor market and the market foreducational services. - Sb. scientific tr. -Petrozavodsk. 2005. -C.156-163. In the RSCI is absent. In the Internet:


The article reveals the major aspects of career guidance in the Information society at the municipal level through various forms: individual counseling, "lessons of employment", meetings of veterans with young people and students.

V V Lukin

State university of management

Chair of sociology of management

E A Lyubimova

Department of municipal service and personnel administrations of the city district Balashikha

Referentsky department


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