Information technologies and various innovative approaches to enhancement of school education mention processes of students personal development. In the CIS’s states and foreign countries essential experience of implementation of innovative technologies and means of informatization of educationin practice of school work is accumulated. In many cases such experience is interesting also from the point of view of a research of new approaches to school students upbringing.In article the international experience of use of innovative pedagogical technologies and information technologies in school education is analysed. Implementation of similar technologies allows to make a big contribution to forming at school students of creative capabilities. The available problems in school education in the training plan and education and a way of their overcoming are discussed.

Vadim Valerievich Grinshkun
Moscow City Pedagogical University
Sheremetjevskaya str., 29, Moscow, Russia, 127521

doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of the department of informatization of education

Laura Kanybekowna Orynbayeva

Kazakh national pedagogical university Abai
Tole bi str., 86, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050012

PhD student of department of pedagogics and psychology

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