No 4 (2011)


Italian Troops on USSR occupied Territories in 1941−1945

Barinov I.I.


The article studies the activities of Italian allied troops of Nazi Germany in the occupied during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 of the USSR Soviet territories. The material contained in the article allows to compare the Italian occupation administration policy and its features as well as its involvement in war crimes on Soviet territory. This article also gives a possibility to trace the organizing role of Germany in terms of organization of the occupation regime on the Soviet territory and its relations with its allies and satellites on the Eastern Front. The work is based primarily on unexplored archival documents.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):5-14
pages 5-14 views

State Duma of Russian Empire: Deputies' Discipline Problem and Lawmaking

Solovyov K.A.


This article is about a deputy's discipline problem at the time of the State Duma of Russian Empire. K.A. Solovyov researches the level of the deputy's involvement in the lawmaking process, the deputy's absence in the plenary and commission meetings of the Lower House. The author analyzes the deputy's discipline influence on the legislative activity of the State Duma. K.A. Solovyov has come to the conclusion that the deputy's absence to a certain extent determined the functioning of the representative institution.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):15-26
pages 15-26 views

Political Views of State Council Members and «Progressive Bloсk» Structure in 1915

Michurin A.N.


The article regards the questions connected with the political straggle in the State Council and the State Duma during World War I, the peculiarities of organization work of the «Progressive Bloсk» during the social and political crisis in 1915-1917, the influence of some matters on the integrity of its political existence.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):27-39
pages 27-39 views

Latvian Shooters and Izhevsk Anty-Bolsheviks Revolt Suppression

Renev E.G.


The article deals with a theme of so-called decision role of the Latvian shooters in the suppression of the Izhevsk Anti-Bolsheviks revolt of 1918 and their participation in the mass Red terror which has followed. Analyzing different points of view and documents the author proves that its role was very exaggerated and even distorted by the modern historiography.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):40-48
pages 40-48 views

Antithesis «Russia-West» in Foreign Policy Views of Russian Conservatives of the Mid 19th Century (on Fedor Tutchev`s Concept)

Linkova E.V.


The article is devoted to foreign policy views of Russian conservatives mid 19th century. On the concept of F. Tutchev, one of the biggest personalities of Russian conservatism, the author explores the problem of the historic confrontation between Russia and Western Europe, a theme which became prevalent in the doctrine of foreign policy of Russian conservatives of the 19th century.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):49-57
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Whom does the Amur belong to? Russian-Chinese Relations in the late 19th - early 20th Centuries

Sakon Y.


The article is devoted to some peculiarities in the Russian-Chinese relations in the late 19th - early 20th centuries. The author considers the development of navigation on the Amur and the Sungari rivers due to the economic development of Manchuria and the Amur Region. The author points out some contradictions between the Russian and Chinese authorities in the issues of navigation in the Amur region.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):58-65
pages 58-65 views

Soviet Advisors Group in South China and Soviet Union Financing of Gomindan War Planes in 1924

Yurkevich A.G.


The article dwells on the organization and activities of the Soviet advisors group, which assisted to the South China government of Sun Yatsen, its participation in financing Kuomintang political and military projects. The author pointed out that the main aim of the advisors group efforts was to form new Kuomintang power institutions and to bring its policy and army under control, for all that the tactics of implementation of strategy aim were constantly changing.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):66-74
pages 66-74 views

Cyrillic Book Collections and their Owners: Comparative Analysis of Old Believers` Confession Strategies

Dutchak E.E.


The article considers the book collections of the Old Believers as the source of the information about the confession strategies of their owners. The material for the research is the collections of Cyrillic books of 15-20th centuries, belonged to the different groups of the Siberian Old Believers. The analysis showed that a) the selection of the book (liturgy, regulations, reading) isn't always based on dogma, it is influenced by the social environment of the existence of the group; в) the preservation by the Old Believers the inner differences connected with the extension the functions of the Cyrillic text in the routine.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):75-88
pages 75-88 views

Female Religiousness in Post-Revolutionary Russian Province: between Belief and Power

Kail M.V.


In article political conditions and the social realities which have affected evolution of forms of female religiousness in a postrevolutionary Russian province (on an example of Smolensk region), concrete experts of confession of belief, specificity of self-identification of orthodox believers are analyzed. Mutual relations with the secular power act as a major factor of influence on evolution of female religiousness, defining its forms and concrete displays.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):89-97
pages 89-97 views

European Union and New Approach to Internationalization of Higher Education

Arzhanova I.V.


The article shows that the internationalization has become an essential attribute and component of the activity of any university and higher education in general for the relatively short period. For some countries and their regional associations the internationalization appears to be the key element of educational policy. The analysis of the new approaches which EU uses to the internationalization of higher education reveals how the European Union uses the process of internationalization in order to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of its universities.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):98-109
pages 98-109 views

Information Technology and Information Approach in Historical Research

Garskova I.M.


The article is devoted to the evolution of theoretical and applied aspects of information technology in historical research. The author shows that the development of theoretical concepts of an information approach, methodological and technological standards of the analysis of the information contained in historical sources is determined by the interdisciplinary relationship between history and other social sciences and by specificity of the historical sources. The impact of technological and information revolutions on the development and change of theoretical concepts is studied on the example of international and Russian experience in the interdisciplinary field of historical information science.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):110-124
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Dissertation Council D212.203.03 of Peoples` Friendship University of Russia in the 1st half of 2011

Koz'menko V.M., Kryazheva-Kartseva E.V.
RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):128-131
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Philosopher, historian, science organizer. Nur Serikovich Kirabayev is 60!

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RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):136-138
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RUDN Journal of Russian History. 2011;(4):139-140
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