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The article describes the process of preparation and holding of congresses in Troppau and Laibach. At the beginning of 1820 there was a revolution of Spain. The Russian diplomats headed by Emperor Alexander I and J. Capodistria offered to convene the congress to develop the measures to combat the Spanish revolution. But the British and Austrians opposed that. However when Naples revolution started, Metternich requested permission for the suppression of the rebellion from Alexander I, but Russians insisted on the convocation of the conference. On the congress of Troppau the Russian delegation insisted on the development of the universal measures to the struggle against revolutions that had to be hold in a peaceful manner. The Austrians, who sought to the carrying out of one-sided armed intervention in Naples, were forced to agree with the Russian project. The Preliminary protocol was based on this project. On the congress J. Capodistria offered the new version of his project of the “universal union”. When the king of Neapolitan Ferdinand IV arrived to Laibach he immediately demanded the intervention in Naples. The Russian plan failed. Alexander I was forced to agree to the armed intervention.

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A V Chernov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Russian History


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