Working in soviet aircraft industry. Extract from G.A. Cheremukhin memories

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Published by N.G. Georguiyeva
This is a publication of an excerpt from the G.A. Cheremukhin's memoirs «The work in the aircraft industry» (1921-2009). He was a famous aircraft designer noted both in Russia and abroad. This fragment contains the previously little known information on the beginning of the creation of a strategic bomber TU-4 in 1945-1947. N.G. Georgieva prepared this publication on the basis of the manuscript of his memoirs. The preface and footnotes contain biographic data on people who were mentioned in the memoirs and who were working together with the author of the memoirs.

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N G Georguiyeva

Russian University of Peoples Friendship Russia

Кафедра истории России; Российский университет дружбы народов; Russian University of Peoples Friendship Russia


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