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The article is a case study of interpretation of Marxsit ideas proposed by N.F. Danielson, who was a translator of the first, second and third volumes of «Capital» into Russian. The main attention is concentrated on the problems of criterion of social progress and assessment of Marxist methodology. Despite the certain influence of Marxist theory on Danielson latter remained on the position of narodnichestvo in his conceptual approaches. The author reviled us that Danielson unlike Marx didn’t devise society into many confrontational parts and thought it ought to have a common goal. Also the Russian scholar didn’t accept a thesis upon class struggle as an engine of social progress. In this discourse Danielson gave to intelligentsia the crucial role in the evolution of society which expressed urgent needs of one. Danielson’s ideas directed at reasoning the role of advanced persons as creator of history and scientific knowledge as instrument of perfecting of society. In sum the understanding of Marxist methodology of research by Danielson intersected in many points with ideas of Positivism.

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V V Zverev

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Department of Russian State History


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