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  • Authors: Ktsoeva SG1
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    1. Institute of Civilization
  • Issue: No 3 (2014)
  • Pages: 5-13
  • Section: ARTICLES
  • URL: https://journals.rudn.ru/russian-history/article/view/4032
  • Retraction date: 27.11.2017
  • Retraction reasons description:

    The reason for the article retraction is redundant publication: Ktsoeva S.G. Methodological aspects of writing scientist’s intellectual biography (attempt of interdisciplinary historical research of Karl Jaspers’s life and creative works). Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art. Issues of Theory and Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2013. № 9. Part 1. P. 82−85.

    This article has been retracted (i.e. withdrawn from the press) by the editor (Minutes of a Meeting of the editorial board of the Journal № 3 held on 27 November, 2017) with permission of the publisher.

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The article is devoted to a such genre of historical research as intellectual biography. In it in practice (with reference to the person of outstanding German scientist Karl Jaspers) are considered the basic methods, applied during the process of preparation of the intellectual biography, the circle of research problem is defined, typical for the given direction and their specific character is explained. Special attention is given to interdisciplinary as the basic condition of a successful scientific work on the given direction of intellectual history. A number of problems is listed in the article with which the historian, making the intellectual biography, anyway faces. The necessity of overcoming highly specialized scientific frames during the preparation of the intellectual biography becomes abundantly clear as it is impossible to understand the historical determinates of foldings of the whole system of scientific outlook of the intellectual without the reference to the system analysis of its scientific views, without immersing to the sphere of his professional interests which, as is known, can be far from history. The specified fact is the main reason for criticism of the direction of intellectual history from the adherents of “pure” history. The author defines a circle of research problems, among which are: definition of a circle of the research problems, objectively rising before the historian-intellectualist, realization of the selection of methods of research, relevant to the solution of objectives, demonstration of a bright example of practical application of methods of interdisciplinary research within writing of the intellectual biography of Jaspers.

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S G Ktsoeva

Institute of Civilization

Email: sultana_t@mail.ru
Department of Cross-cultural Communication and Public Relations


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