Before-kolkhoz village: «Co-operate? But according to the letter of the soviet law…»

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  • Authors: Grebenichenko SF1, Shirikorad II2
  • Affiliations:
    1. Peoples Friendship University of Russia
    2. Land Tenure State University
  • Issue: No 2 (2008)
  • Pages: 96-106
  • Section: ARTICLES
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  • Retraction date: 30.08.2018
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    The retraction of the publication is due to the identification of a large percentage of the citation of the thesis: Grebenichenko, Sergey Fedorovich "the Evolution of power regulation of the fishing sphere of the village in the 1920s based on the analysis of laws and regulations": thesis ... doctor of historical Sciences: 07.00.02, 07.00.09. - Moscow, 2001.

    This article has been retracted (i.e. withdrawn from the press) by the editor (Minutes of a Meeting of the editorial board of the Journal № 1 held on 30 August, 2018) with permission of the publisher.



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The article is devoted to the struggle of departments during the legislative process on the topic of an integration of producers in the before-kolkhoz period. Due to the available archival files of superior bodies of power it was determined that a careful developmental workout of drafts was practiced. New soviet conditions led to contradictions, which caused different interests in existing economic-political groups. Difference interests were the reason of fight for the normative acts' letter.

About the authors

S F Grebenichenko

Peoples Friendship University of Russia

Кафедра истории России; Российский университет дружбы народов; Peoples Friendship University of Russia

I I Shirikorad

Land Tenure State University

Land Tenure State University


Copyright (c) 2008 Grebenichenko S.F., Shirikorad I.I.

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