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On the example of the outstanding music publisher the article analyzes the brief history of the formation and activities of the music firm, which received an official status as a music publisher in 1861. It is fundamentally important to study the biographies of prominent personalities who have played a prominent role in the history of Russia. Among them is Pyotr Jurgenson, the Moscow music publisher who left an indelible mark both in Russia and far beyond its borders.The study of the world-famous personality of this music publisher is necessary for many reasons. The research allowed to substantiate the need for the development of serious musical education not only in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, but also in many regions of the Russian Empire that had a beneficial impact on the revitalization and quality of musical education of the masses and, above all, talented young people. The article shows that it is pressing to preserve P.I. Jurgenson’s rich musical heritage.The author emphasizes P.I. Jurgenson’s great role in the establishment and functioning of the musical-historical journal that played a great positive role in the history of the Russian music.

About the authors

Natalya Vyacheslavovna Logacheva

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Email: Marta721@rambler.ru
Department of Russian History


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