Vol 11, No 1 (2024)

Public administration: theory and practice

National Priorities of Russia in a Changing World

Blokhin K.V.


The study examines the immediate and long-term consequences of the Ukrainian crisis and the Special Military Operation for the emerging architecture of international relations. The author summed up the military-political results of the Special Military Operation and focused on the prospects for resolving the Ukrainian crisis. The focus of Russia’s long-term strategy, according to the author, is the formation of new partnerships, moving away from the pragmatic foreign policy paradigm, and filling the concept of “multipolarity” with real rather than declarative content.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):7-18
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Information Warfare as a Tool of Political Confrontation in the Modern Multipolar World

Goncharova I.V., Nicevich V.F., Sudorgin O.A.


The study is devoted to the analysis of the phenomenon of information warfare in the modern world. Authors concretized the concept of information warfare and its connection with hybrid warfare, which has replaced the mechanisms of direct “forceful” influence in a rapidly changing political architecture. The significance of the wars of the XXI century, which are conducted from the position of “soft power” and are characterized by a protracted nature, is revealed. Information warfare is considered as their most important component. The authors highlight the following features of information wars: they are conducted in the cultural field; their purpose is to transform the consciousness of a political opponent. These wars are aimed at value orientations, traditions, historical and cultural identity. The emergence of the concept of “information warfare” in the article is associated with the end of the Cold War at the end of the XX century and the definition of a new U.S. strategy. The main conditions and reasons for the transition to a new type of war are the collapse of the bipolar world, the growing threat of international terrorism, and the erosion of ethnic and cultural identity within the United States and allied countries themselves. Cybernetic troops are analyzed as a new specialized type of troops. The authors revealed two main spaces of the information war impact: the communicative environment and the field of probable social macro-conflict. Information warfare in research is considered as part of a military, economic, and geopolitical confrontation. The authors substantiate that an extremely intensive information war has been waged against the Russian Federation for more than 20 years. It involves depriving Russia not only of allies, but also replacing the “cultural and historical codes” in friendly countries, primarily by reformatting the consciousness of young people. The authors analyzed the documents aimed at solving the problem of information wars in Russia - the “Information Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation” and the “National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation”.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):19-31
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Social Policy and SCR Tools for Managing the Sustainable Development of Enterprises in the Corporate Sector

Volkov V.V., Belokonev S.Y.


The research focuses on analyzing and reviewing of corporate social responsibility and social policy. The authors studied the works of domestic and foreign authors who were engaged in the analysis of these problems. The authors identified the factors that influence social policy, such as: political, demographic, medical, social, and others and categorized the typical descriptions of social policy research in the public and private sector. Special attention is paid to the authors’ interpretation of the concept of social and political involvement of the corporation. The authors determined the basic principles of development and implementation of social policy in accordance

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):32-43
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Digital Attaches in the System of Ensuring Economic Security of the Russian Federation: Using Digital Platforms and Ecosystems as an Example

Nuriev B.D.


The study deals with the issue of forming a strategy for the activities of digital attaches, which are currently being gradually formed at some diplomatic missions of Russia. It is emphasized that the economic security of the country in the context of digital transformations will largely be determined by a competent and balanced policy to protect the interests of Russian business abroad. The object of our research can be identified as the activities of digital attaches aimed at supporting Russian IT companies. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the fact that a number of wellknown Russian IT companies are forming their own digital platforms. The subject of the study is the mechanism of interaction between digital attaches and domestic developers and owners of digital platforms. It is assumed that smoothed work in this direction will contribute to the achievement of the tasks assigned to digital attaches. The author focuses on the fact that in the process of building work with digital platforms, it is necessary to take into account such important factors as the specifics of the economic life of the country where the digital attaches are based, as well as national legal norms regulating business. The author analyzes domestic and foreign scientific literature on the regulation of digital platforms, while emphasizing that the legal mechanism regulating the cooperation of digital attaches and IT companies has not yet received its clear regulatory outline. The study focuses on the fact that the effective activity of digital attaches is an important factor in ensuring the economic security of the country.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):44-54
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The Impact of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Field of Demography and Health-Care on the Quality of Life of the Population

Alexandrova M.V., Maslyukova E.A., Yutkina O.V.


The study examines the features of state policy in the field of demography and health care, special attention is paid to the analysis of the main indicators of the quality of life of the population, as well as the results already achieved within the framework of the national projects “Demography” and “Health Care”. The problems of low life expectancy of the population and a decrease in the birth rate have been identified. Based on the results of monitoring of the national projects “Demography” and “Health Care”, it was concluded that they are interconnected and it is possible to achieve the targets only through the successful implementation of both national projects. Based on this, the research suggests measures aimed at improving state policy in the field of demography and health, including the need to strengthen measures aimed at combating neoplasms, including malignant ones, which in turn will have a positive impact on the quality of life of the country’s population.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):55-71
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The Impact of the Soviet Heritage on Women’s Political Leadership in Modern Russia

Ivleva T.A.


The study analyzes the specifics of women’s political leadership in the USSR and identifies the factors that predetermined the secondary role of women in Soviet, and later modern Russian politics. The purpose of this study is to identify the features of women’s activities as political leaders in the Soviet state and compare them with the features of women’s participation in political power in modern Russia. To achieve the goal, historical-chronological and comparative analysis are used as research methods. The unique experience of the women’s departments is considered in detail, as well as the personal factor of Soviet women leaders as the reason for political success. It is concluded that during the entire existence of the Soviet Union, the parity ratio of men and women at any level of power was not achieved even despite attempts to introduce various measures, such as a quota system, to achieve this goal. However, among the reasons for this situation, it was highlighted that attempts to achieve gender parity in government were primarily ideological in nature and aimed not at achieving real equality, but at demonstrating the ideology of the USSR on the world stage. The presence of women in the highest government positions in the USSR was an extremely rare phenomenon, since, in order to meet practical needs, the state, as a rule, preferred to involve women in politics at the lowest levels of the political hierarchy. A comparative analysis of women’s political leadership in the Soviet period with the present has shown that the same trend persists in modern Russia.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):72-86
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Is Load Shedding another Pandemic, Post COVID-19 at Institution of Higher Learning in South Africa?

Kgarose M.F., Makhubele D.K., Setaise L.C.


In 1994, the African National Congress (ANC)-led government implemented a Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) program that entailed providing South Africans with stable and regular electricity supplies. Government through the state president declared COVID-19 a pandemic in 2019. Institutions of higher education resorted to introduce online teaching and learning as a method of ensuring that section 27 (1) (a) (b) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa was executed. Load shedding brought numerous challenges in the education settings in the institutions of higher learning. The crisis led to institutional economy and disrupted academic performance at institutions of higher learning. The purpose of this study is to examine whether load shedding can be regarded as a pandemic post COVID-19. Access the impact of load shedding at institutions of higher learning. Therefore, this is a conceptual paper and it relied on existing data for analysis and interpretation. The study recommends that institution of higher learning should invest in alternative sources of energy, and develop an effective communication strategy.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):87-97
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Boko Haram* Insurgency and the Challenges of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria

Oghuvbu E.A.


The consequences of insurgency, internal strife, and natural disasters force internally displaced people (IDPs) to live lives they never anticipated or desired. On this note, this study explores the challenges faced by IDPs in Nigeria as well as the globalisation of the Boko Haram (recognized as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation) insurgency. The study also looks at the difficulties IDPs in Nigeria face as a result of the Boko Haram (recognized as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation) insurgency, such as violence between Hausa and Fulani, natural and man-made disasters. Due to their affiliation with foreign terrorists, Boko Haram’s (recognized as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation) effects are more devastating. The study adopted the human needs theory and used qualitative research methods to gather information from secondary sources including books, journal articles, news magazines, and internet sources. According to the human needs theory, it is up to the government to decide how to handle social issues. Findings indicate that the difficulties faced by internally displaced people in Nigeria, which include housing shortages, starvation, hunger, lack of access to water and electricity, and lack of sustainable occupation, portend serious threats to the nation’s human security. The study also suggests that to address the issue of start-up funds, which threatens IDPs’ economic opportunities in new environments, the government should quicken the advancement of low-interest loans for skilled IDPs. The government should also work with people and organisations to provide vocational skills. The study concludes that, doing so will help to alleviate the situation of Nigeria’s internally displaced people.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):98-111
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Governmentality Perspective as a Contemporary Strategy for Rural Community Development in Nigeria

Ezeudu T.S., Ezekwelu K.C.


This study delves into the intricate dynamics of governmentality in the context of rural community development in Nigeria. It examines diverse participant perceptions of governmentality initiatives, highlighting the influence of socio-cultural and economic contexts. The research also assesses the impact of these initiatives on rural development outcomes, emphasizing improvements in infrastructure, community engagement, and socio-economic conditions. Challenges, including resource constraints and transparency issues, are explored, along with the pivotal role of community participation and effective communication. The findings underscore the significance of contextspecific approaches, community involvement, and addressing regional disparities in rural development. The study provides valuable insights for policymakers and practitioners, advocating for nuanced strategies that account for the unique characteristics of Nigeria’s rural communities. Recommendations encompass tailored approaches, transparency, capacity building, resource mobilization, and cultural preservation. By heeding these recommendations, stakeholders can enhance the effectiveness of governmentality-oriented initiatives, fostering sustainable and equitable development across diverse regions.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):112-136
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The Role of the Healthcare System in the Issues of Human Potential Reproduction and National Security of the State

Sipieva M.S., Smirnova E.A., Masyuk Y.S.


The healthcare system plays an undisputed role in the issues of human potential reproduction and is an integral part of ensuring national security. A key and important factor for ensuring sustainable development of the country and its future is investment in the health of citizens. The purpose of the study is to explore the healthcare system as one of the most important spheres, which is one of the primary components of public life. The methodological basis of the study consists of an analysis of statistical indicators of morbidity in Russia from 2020 to 2023, as well as an analysis of the total number of medical workers over the past two years. This allowed to identify the main problems in the healthcare system that can be addressed through the national project “Healthcare”. The implementation of the national project “Healthcare” in Russia will significantly improve the healthcare system in the future, increase access and quality of medical care for citizens, and reduce the level of morbidity and mortality from various diseases. This is an important step towards creating a healthy nation and developing the country as a whole.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):137-149
pages 137-149 views

Socio-economic Features of Creating Measures to Support Small and Medium-sized Businesses in Rural Settlements of the Russian Federation

Shutov I.A., Sudorgin O.A.


The study examines the problem of supporting small and medium-sized businesses in rural settlements of the Russian Federation. Using the example of entrepreneurship support measures developed in the Vavozhsky district of the Udmurt Republic, the authors demonstrated effectiveness of attracting small and medium-sized businesses to the creation of facilities in rural settlements. Based on the analysis of statistical data, the authors show that the measures implemented in the district to support small and medium-sized businesses have the potential to preserve and develop rural settlements.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):150-156
pages 150-156 views

AI Readiness Level in Public Administration: Case of the Russian Federation

Stupin R.S.


The study explores approaches to the analysis of measurable indicators of artificial intelligence and its use in the system of sectoral public administration. As a part of the research the author developed the methodological basis for assessing the likelihood of the emergence of artificial intelligence. The research proposed analysis of the external base, technology, statistical reliability, education, labor market, citizens’ perspectives and development of the index of readiness for the emergence of artificial intelligence in sectoral public administration. The author carried out analysis of state functions and tasks for the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies, monitoring of measurable results of the introduction of artificial intelligence, analysis of government programs and cases of digital transformation based on AI technologies. It is shown, that currently, when using artificial intelligence solutions in the public sector, only individual problem blocks are mainly analyzed. The author states that a comprehensive index and a comprehensive risk analysis are not available both in Russia and abroad. The developed approaches to readiness assessment would help to reduce the costs of public administration and the risks of mistakes in the implementation of AI technologies.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):157-172
pages 157-172 views

Analysis of the Effectiveness in Carrying Out Cultural and Patriotic Events by the Municipality in the Conditions of Special Military Operation on the Example of the City of Belgorod

Strigunova D.A., Putimtsev D.N., Minasyan G.S.


This study analyzes data on cultural and patriotic events that took place in the city of Belgorod in the period from 2022. The study identified the main trends in the development of such events in the conditions of Special Military Operation. It is concluded that despite the alarming situation that occurred after the shelling, the city of Belgorod continues to show determination and perseverance in organizing mass events based on mechanisms of cooperation between authorities and residents.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2024;11(1):173-183
pages 173-183 views

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