Vol 9, No 3 (2022)


ESG and Sustainability of Industrial Enterprise Development: Integrated Assessment Methodology

Volkov V.V., Belokonev S.Y.


The article provides the assessment of the sustainability of an industrial enterprise based on the concept of the global economic trend of ESG development. The authors propose classification of subspecies of enterprise sustainability and evaluate the indicator of the level of interaction with the institutions of state power. The article considers the influence of GR activity on the sustainable development of an industrial enterprise in contemporary reality. The authors conclude about the main characteristics of the activity of the GR structure in the management of an industrial enterprise and the place of GR management in the system of organizational and managerial activity of the enterprise.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):225-234
pages 225-234 views

Ecologization as the Basis of Modern City Existence

Babintseva E.A.


The author of the study addresses the urgent problem of maintaining the welfare of the urban environment. An integral component for ensuring the comfort of citizens is the stabilization of the ecology of a modern city. The rapid development of megacities and the increase in the proportion of the urban population has a negative impact on the state of the environment. The level of urbanization of cities expanding due to the influx of population is inversely proportional to their ecological state. The aim of the study is to analyze the specifics of modern urbanization, as well as the main environmental problems of large cities. In the process of writing this article, the following research methods were used: analysis of the problems of urbanization and its impact on modern large cities; comparison of urbanization rates in major cities around the world; compilation of data on world urbanization statistics of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Scientific articles and modern scientific works on the ecology of urban systems were analyzed. The main measures for the reorganization of the urban environment were proposed, the implementation of which will help preserve the natural environment and improve the situation of people living in cities.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):235-245
pages 235-245 views

Selected Aspects of State Support for Healthcare

Ordynskaya E.V., Cherkovets M.V.


The problems of obtaining socially significant services for all groups of the population never lose their relevance. Recently, problems associated with obtaining highly effective and affordable medical care have become especially important. First of all, we are talking about health care services financed from the budget and compulsory medical insurance funds. However, paid medical services are no less important in ensuring a high quality of life for people. In order to ensure the availability of paid medicine for all groups of the population, regardless of income level, the state is implementing a number of measures to support medical organizations, including in the field of taxation. However, the existing measures are clearly not enough, it is necessary to develop and apply additional tools to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care. The authors consider the possibility of applying a number of these measures.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):246-261
pages 246-261 views


Fake News in Contemporary Communication Processes

Shults E.E.


The article focuses on the phenomenon of fake news in contemporary communication processes. The article analyzes the characteristic features of fake news in terms of disinformation, interference by foreign actors, manipulation, media messages aimed at increasing demand. Fake news is considered from the standpoint of mediating society and the emergence of the concept of “media democracy”. The author concludes that the phenomenon of “fake news” becomes a structural concept in modern media, which is associated with the peculiarities of media and social psychology. This phenomenon fits into the peculiarity of modern society, which the French philosopher J. Baudrillard designated as a simulacrum.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):262-273
pages 262-273 views

E-democracy as Ideological Basis of Public Administration Digitalization: Contradictions

Solina E.A.


The electronic form of democracy carries the potential to resolve the crisis of the systems of the modern democratic structure, but recently its concept has been increasingly criticized. In this regard, researchers are interested in identifying the causes of this trend. The author suggests that the essence of the problem of e-democracy is in its internal contradictions: a) the convergence of the concept with other theories of democracy; b) ethical issues of the ICT exploitation within the political sphere. The former includes the combination in a single construction of fundamental features of both direct, deliberative and representative democracy in a single construction; substitution of the principles of direct democracy by the principles of plebiscite democracy; multidirectional aspirations expressed in involvement with the simultaneously existing internal apathy to the political sphere. Ethical contradictions: maximizing transparency with high manipulability; independence of decisions with controversial anonymity; reducing bureaucratic procedures as fraud acts increase; reduced number of absentists with persisting distrust of the system. Also, the methods of e-democracy within one society can create premises for both digital authoritarization and the strengthening of the role of civil society.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):274-282
pages 274-282 views

The Olympic Games and the “Soft Power” of the World’s Leading States

Shishkina A.A.


The article is devoted to the study of the role of the Olympic Games in the structure of the “soft power” of the state, as well as the transformation of the “soft power” tools associated with the Olympic movement in recent years. The article focuses on the political role of the initiatives to boycott the Olympic Games in Russia on the eve of the XXII Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi and the XXIV Winter Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing, as well as the role of the Olympic agenda in international political discourse in the context of sanctions related to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):283-294
pages 283-294 views


Transnationalism as a Key Trend of Regional Self-government in the Basque Country

Frolova Y.N.


The paper is dedicated to the issues of transnationalism and development of nationalism in Basque self-government. In 2021, the Basque Country resumed the debate on updating the Statute of Guernica (the Statute of Autonomy of the Basque Country, 1979). These debates are backed by the Parliament of the Basque Country. Some key points of this discussion and current Basque regional initiatives in the European Union attract attention and may indicate the development of nationalism in the context of transnational trends and the forming of new regional identity. Methodology of the article is based on the transnationalism theory and the concept of coexistence of postnational and national as simultaneous or competing forms. Transnationalism is not a brand-new idea to Basques: some traces of transnational identity may be found in previous history. In most cases one talks about Basque nationalism (not transnationalism) referring to the period of ETA terrorist group activity which lasted till the beginning of 2010th. Since the end of the terrorist era the need for new terms and definitions for Basques nationalist movement is recognized. Despite the current high level of opponents of independence, the society is still not satisfied with the level of self-government. As a result, the problem of nationalism is greatly modified in Basque society: this is no longer a demand for the creation of an independent state, but a request for a new level of relations between the Basque Country and Spain, the Basque Country and European Union, the Basque Country and other regions; this is the demand for forming and recognition of new European regional identity. The study provides the evidence for defining this new stage in Basque self-determination movement as a nationalist and transnationalist one at the same time. In terms of this definition the concept of “Europe of the regions” is becoming relevant again and the whole situation may provide the basis for nationalist development in other European regions with similar issues.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):295-301
pages 295-301 views

Management Control Systems as the Protagonist in Public Sector Reforms: Observations from Worldwide Selected Literature

Chowdhury A., Shil N.C.


Management control systems are used in private sector in assisting management to achieve the goals of the organizations. In the 1980s the performance of public organizations in industrial economies has been the target of severe questioning and the main reason for such questioning is the comparisons with private sector standards of returns on investment and it turned public sector organizations from service orientation to commercial orientation. In this context the practitioners started to adopt new management approaches as the basis for improving performance in the public sector. This new management approach or management control systems in the public sector creates the changes to the structures and processes of public sector organizations with the objective of getting them to run better. The introduction of this new management approach in the public sector was to promote a culture of performance. The present study is an effort to understand the role of management control systems in the worldwide public sector reforms agendas by illustrating literatures from various parts of the world.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):302-315
pages 302-315 views

Psychological Contract and Employee Retention: The Role of HR

Okolie U.C., Memeh J.N.


Understanding the individual and organizational consequences of breach of psychological contract justifies continuing research into the phenomenon. The global competition which has altered business environment has engineered the need for organizations to devise new ways to survive, enhance performance, retaining skilled employees and ensure healthy and progressive relationship between employers and their employees. Today, the biggest challenge that organizations are facing is not only managing its human resource but also retaining them. Securing and retaining skilled employees play an important role for any organization, because the knowledge and skills of employees have become highly important in gaining competitive advantage. It is against this backdrop that this paper explored the concepts of psychological contract and employee retention, the of impact psychological contract on employee retention and HR practices that influences the state or nature of the psychological contract and employee retention. The paper also peeps into the effect of covid-19 on psychological contract and employee retention. The paper adopted qualitative research design as it relies on secondary data collected from documentations through books, internet sources and journal articles and were content analyzed in relation to the scope of the study. The paper concludes that a significant important should be accorded to the informal contract of employment to ensure fulfillment of obligations and expectations to retain competent and skilled workforce. Thus, the paper recommends among others that Organizations should encourage flexible working arrangements such as telecommuting and prevent discrimination and exclusion relating to Covid-19 pandemic.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):316-331
pages 316-331 views

A Framework for Measuring Performance of Nigerian Police Force Organization

Bello M.M., Umaru C.


The Nigerian Police Force as an organisation is mandated to ensure public safety through maintenance of law and order. Despite its old history, the rate of criminal activities such as armed robbery, kidnappings for ransom, killing of innocent citizens, ethno-religious conflicts in many parts of Nigeria is on the increase. Previous studies have indicated factors that contributed to underperformance of Nigerian Police Force, but there is an insufficient attention given on how to measure the performance of Nigerian police as a public service organisation, especially by using the new performance management approach. This study deploys a framework for measuring performance of police organisation in Nigeria. The study uses literature on performance management drawing practices from both private and public sector context to propose a framework for measuring performance of Nigerian Police Force. The Input-output-outcome model is used to support the study. The study finds out that Input-outputoutcome model could have the potential of improving performance of Nigerian Police Force. The study concludes that despite lack of clear outcome quantification, input-output-outcome model of performance management practice could be a tool for improving and measuring the performance of Nigerian Police Force.

RUDN Journal of Public Administration. 2022;9(3):332-343
pages 332-343 views

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