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The article deals with the modernization of foreign language education within the contextual approach. It is noted that the task of training the experts, possessing the knowledge of foreign languages at the level of international standards, competent in foreign languages in the field of professional communication, capable of academic and social mobility is currently put forward in vocational education. A growing trend is to integrate competency and personality-oriented approaches into a single conceptual framework. A synthesized approach, whereby it is possible to carry out a gradual transition to teaching positions on language education, becomes the contextual approach. Understanding the contextual approach as a holistic education required the consideration of its various sides and elements in constant mutual integrative mediation. It allowed to explore this approach as one of the most promising areas for the development of education. The modern contextual approach constitutes an important factor of meaning through which the process of personality development of educational content intensifies, and the transformation of learning motivation into the vocational sphere occurs, the position of the subject of training and learning activities, effectively promoting occupational and social personality self-realization of the future specialist is formed. The leading trends in foreign language education within the context of the new approach are: the new methodological reflection on the basic components of the process of teaching foreign languages, philosophical and anthropological understanding of the “context” in the educational space, striving for integrity and consistency in the organization and self-organization of the educational process, the integrative nature of foreign language education.

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T A Parshutkina

Bunin Yelets State University

Department of Foreign Languages and Methods of their Teaching


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