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This paper aims to provide analysis of the polylogue space of a traumatic stress injured person with various Others. Communication with them is introduced through personal representations of “I - Other” interaction such as inner monologues with themselves (“I - I as the Other”), communication with the immediate (reference) environment (“I - significant Others”), intercourse with people having identical experience (“I - Other as Me”), autocommunication with real or imaginary Other as a source and a cause of the befallen traumatic event (I - Other as the enemy). It is stated that communicative practices of a traumatized personality are characterized by temporary asynchrony and asymmetry, unbalance of temporal modes, breaks, transformation of life perspective. It is acknowledged that interactions with various Others may conduce overcoming the consequences of traumatic stress and assimilation of traumatic experience as well as facilitation of the consequences and intensification (extension) of traumatism and destructiveness of the experience.The application-oriented aspect of the problem under study can be implemented by applied psychologists while working with a traumatic stress injured person, while developing personal and group psychotherapeutic programs aimed at the harmonization of intrapsychic space of traumatized person and restoring of the individual temporary context, within which a personality can define a rational intentionality of its own being and determine the meaning of traumatic experience.

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E V Ryaguzova

National Research Saratov State University

Department of Personality Psychology


Copyright (c) 2016 Рягузова Е.В.

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