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Distribution of the AGT T174M and AGTR1 A1166C polymorphic markers of cardiovascular diseases among populations of Algeria, Syria and Central Russia

AitAissa A., Azova M.M., Gigani O.O., Gigani O.B., Blagonravov M.L.


We investigated the distribution of the AGT T174M and AGTR1 A1166C polymorphisms, which predispose to cardiovascular diseases, among Algerians, Syrians and Russians from Central Russia. The genotypes were determined with the use ofallele-specific PCR. A significant difference between the studied samples was revealed in the T174M genotype distribution, whereas no significant difference was found in case of the A1166C polymorphism.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):9-14
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The tone of veins of lower limb in young women with idiopathic hypotension

Baev V.M., Samsonova O.A., Agafonova T.Y., Dusakova R.S.


A comparative analysis of the tone of the common femoral vein (CFV) by ultrasonic scanning between the two groups of women aged 18-33 years. Test group - 72 people with idiopathic arterial hypotension (SBP 61-98 mm Hg) and a control group - 37 people with normal blood pressure (SBP 120-129 mm Hg). Tone was assessed by the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the right vein at rest and after orthostasis. In 86% of young women in both groups we registered decrease of the tone of CFV. The cross-sectional area of СFV in idiopathic arterial hypotension increased by 2.6 times and by 2.0 times in the control group, which indicates a sufficient large veins compliance and reserve capacity. No significant differences in the veins tone have been identified between the control and test groups.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):15-21
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Use of alcohol in oculographic studies as an experimental model of abnormal states

Zakharchenko D.V., Mankaeva O.V., Torshin D.V., Sveshnikova E.D., Dementienko V.V., Dorokhov V.B.


The paper describes formation of abnormal conditions with the use of alcohol in a laboratory experiment. The generally accepted experimental model are evaluated from the point of view of their suitability for oculographic studies of operator activity. Recommendations for the use of these methods in oculographic study are given.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):22-27
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Long-term results of catheter radiofrequency ablation of cavotricuspid isthmus in patients with typical atrial flutter and diabetes mellitus type 2

Kachanova Y.A., Novikova N.A., Syrkin A.L.


Aim - to evaluate the effectiveness of radiofrequency ablation cavotricuspid of the isthmus in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) type 2, and typical atrial flutter, as well as to identify the factors of recurrence of atrial flutter after the procedure. The study involved 100 patients with DM and atrial flutter who underwent radiofrequency ablation. 22 of them had recurrences of atrial flutter during the year, which often occurred in patients with chronic kidney disease and post-infarction cardiosclerosis. Recurrences of atrial flutter is also frequently observed in patients with decompensated DM. Radiofrequency ablation has often been ineffective in females and patients older than 75 years. Recurrence of atrial flutter after radiofrequency ablation is more often associated with decompensation and severity of DM.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):28-34
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Prevalence of domestic violence in families of persons with mental disorders (according to an anonymous survey)

Landishev M.A., Petrov D.S., Konovalov O.E.


Article deals with the problem of aggression against people with mental diseases and presents the results of anonymous questionnaire survey. The estimation of prevalence of different types of interfamilial aggression is presented. Noticed the importance of identifying episodes of domestic violence against persons with mental disorders in order to optimize treatment, rehabilitation, and social and legal measures.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):35-40
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The autonomic nervous system of students during adaptation to the university

Mansur T.I., Girich V.S., Mansur N., Sturov N.V., Tokareva L.G.


Article is dedicated to one of actual problems of modern medicine - the adaptation of young people to a University environment. The relevance of this work due to the high prevalence of various autonomic disorders in adaptive reactions of the organism, especially in the initial period of study at the University. This study involved two groups of students: the 1st group - 30 students involved in sports only in physical education classes, the 2nd group - 30 students more engaged and certain sport. Students of the second group had a better performance than students of the first group. This suggests that regular moderate physical exercise activates the auxiliary autonomic system.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):41-45
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The morphology of a muscular component of myometrium of primipara women with physiological contractile activity

Pavlovich E.R., Botchey V.M.


Conducted quantitative light-optical study of structures of biopsy samples of myometrium taken from 5 primiparas aged 21-38 years with physiological contractile activity. It was shown that the smooth muscle cells had different affinity to toluidine blue and were conditionally divided into light, dark and intermediate cells. Estimated the following parameters: the number of smooth muscle cells on 1 mm2 of myometrium, the percentage ratio of each types of muscle cells and cellular diameters. All estimated components have had intergroup variations. Results of this research can be used for comparative analysis of the same parameters in women with pathological contractile activity.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):46-52
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Full volume lavage of the nasal cavity in the complex treatment of allergic rhinitis

Tarasova G.D., Mirzabekyan E.V., Rusanova E.I.


The study involved 60 patients diagnosed with perennial allergic rhinitis. Patients were divided into 2 groups: the 1st group consists of patients receiving complex therapy with full volume of the nasal cavity lavage and the 2nd, control group, who received only the complex therapy. According to the doctor’s assessment, the intensity of the clinical manifestations of allergic rhinitis fastest decreased in 7 of 8 indicators in the 1st group. According to patients’ assessment, reduction of the intensity of symptoms in 13 points out of 19 is more marked in the 1st group.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):53-59
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Treatment of intraarticular fractures of the proximal tibia (review)

Toledo K.V.


The literature review presents the problem of treatment of intraarticular fractures of proximal tibia. Russian and foreign literature has been analyzed, statistical data on patients disability as the result of unsatisfactory outcomes of treatment of intraarticular fractures of proximal tibia have been presented. Indications, contraindications, advantages and disadvantages of proposed methods of treatment of fractures of proximal tibia are given.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):60-69
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Study of force loss of orthodontic elastomeric chains in the laboratory

Shaddoud A., Kosyreva T.F.


Objective: to assess force degradation over time of four commercially available orthodontic elastomeric chains (Ormco, Dentaurum, 3M Unitek and G & H). Methods: The synthetic elastics were submerged in 37 °C synthetic saliva and stretched on the instrument at a distance of 30 mm. With a dynamometer, the delivered force was evaluated at different intervals: at baseline, after 1 hour, 1 day, 4 days 7 days, 14 days, 21 days and 28 days. The results were subjected to ANOVA and Tukey’s test. The results showed that the elastomeric chains “Ormco” develop the least loss of power in all time tests (to 31.5% after 7 days, up to 35.1% after 28 days). At the same time, the elastomeric “Dentaurum” chain showed the highest percentage of strength loss (47.14% after 7 days, 58.57% after 28 days). No statically significant difference was found in force loss between«3M Unitek» and «G & H» elastomeric chains.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):70-74
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Development of primary health care in Algeria

Sidi Mohamed El-Habib Chikhi -., Kicha D.I., Tadjieva A.V.


The human right to health means that health services should be available to everyone. According to the literature data, the availability of medical services is associated with the level and quality of primary health care. As it was announced in 1978 at WHO conference - organization of primary health care is a key aspect of the health system. For the assessment of the health situation in Algeria, we analyzed data from the literature, the WHO data, and the results of studies in different institutions. Based on the WHO guidelines, Algeria had gradually and constantly developed primary health care facilities and trained medical staff. The assessment of progress is made on the health criteria of the population and the health development in Algeria: the crude death rate and infant mortality rate, population per medical institution and per doctor Health facilities at the primary health care system are represented by the polyclinics and the care units. The number of primary health facilities had grown rapidly during the last forty years, from 1402 to 5484 care units and from 106 to 1627 polyclinics; the number of available hospital’s beds has evolved from 43404 to 63212 beds, while the population increased from 16,370,000 to 39,500,000 inhabitants. During the same period, the number of inhabitants per clinic increased from 140,000 to 20,000 people. One care unit serves about 7,000 people, the number of inhabitants per doctor decreased from 6000 to 600 inhabitants. Population health criteria shows the decline in infant mortality from 80 per 1,000 in 1984 to 46.8 per 1,000 in 1990 due to special programs for maternal and child health care and the expanded vaccination. The average life expectancy of the inhabitants of Algeria in 2014 reached the level of 77.2 years.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):75-82
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Evaluation of teenager’s health indicators (on example of Ryazan’ region)

Afonina N.A.


Objective: sociological analysis of adolescent health and development of recommendations for improving the social policy in the field of adolescent health of the Ryazan’ region. Methods: statistical, sociological and historical. The results of analysis of official statistics indicate that at present in the Russian Federation in the Ryazan region observed adverse trends in the health status of adolescents, manifested in increasing as the primary incidence and prevalence of all major classes of disease. Conclusions: the sharp decline in living standards of many families, the overloaded educational programs, the weakening of the activities of the social protection system has significantly worsened the situation of children, the possibility of the family and the state for their livelihood, development and socialization. These negative processes, first of all, affected the state of children and adolescents, increasing their morbidity.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):83-87
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Organization of dental care to the villagers

Bolshov I.N.


This article presents the analysis the activity of mobile dental office as a form of work organization of dental services in the region. Increasing the availability and quality of dental services to the population of predominantly rural areas is possible with targeted systemic approach in the organization of the dental service. Improving the outbound dental care to the rural population is possible in the development of targeted programs providing dental care to the population of the region.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):88-92
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Regulatory support of organization of screening for syphilis (on the example of Moscow city)

Volkova S.B.


Legal documents that provide laboratory diagnosis of syphilis in the Russian Federation, have been published for more than 10 years and does not fully correspond to the current state of syphilis and its level of diagnostic methods. At the same, the existing orders and guidelines emphasizes the need based on the specific situation with the incidence of sexually transmitted infections, systematically review the “at risk” population to be screened. Treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of the Moscow Department of health done by step work on the transition to modern diagnostic tests for diagnosis of syphilis. Currently, the available equipment and trained personnel can replace the use of a complex of serological tests on the reaction of passive hemagglutination and enzyme immunoassay.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):93-99
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Dynamics and tendency of sick rate in children of urban areas with different quality of the atmospheric air

Dementyev A.A., Lyapkalo A.A., Konovalov O.E., Tsurgan A.M.


In the article there are results of the comparative analysis of dynamics and tendencies of main diseases incidence in children constantly living in the city districts characterizing by different quality of the atmospheric air. The research revealed that living in the territory highly polluted by vehicle exhaust gas results in significant increase in the sick rate in children and as well as in the incidence of neoplasm, disease of endocrine, nervous, genitourinary systems, diseases of the ear and mastoid process, diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and diseases of digestive system.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):100-105
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Analysis of key activity indicators and medico-organizational aspects of improving the ambulance service in a large industrial region

Kolesnikov A.V., Shichanin V.V., Breusov A.V.


The authors analyzed the status and the main activity indicators of the ambulance service in a large industrial region. Established that, taking into account the annual growth of emergency medical aid appealability (every third resident of the Moscow region annually addresses due to emergency and urgent conditions and every fifth - is hospitalized for emergency indications), the significance of emergency medical services can be regaded as an important factor of national security. However, there are problems, the most important of which are high unusual load on the prehospital stage related to the provision of assistance to chronic patients, insufficiently effective organizational structure of the service, personnel deficiency, and the lack of an operational system for monitoring the activities. All this leads to low level of such activity indicators as time of arrival of crews on call, a high proportion of unsuccessful calls, increasing of calls for urgent reasons. Сonsidering this, the authors have developed and proposed main directions of its improvement and development, target indicators of activity were defined that in case of successful realization will allow to satisfy the needs of the population and the rational use of all types of resources of health care system.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):106-114
pages 106-114 views

The incidence rate per population of the infectious hepatitis B in Samara region

Kuznetsova R.S.


Analyzed the incidence of viral hepatitis B in the population on the territory of the Samara region. Two age groups in the structure of morbidity were considered, the most common - hepatitis B. The ratio in the incidence of urban and rural population is shown. Comparative analysis of morbidity of urban and rural population compared with the average Russian indicators at the beginning and the end of reviewed period (2000-2014 yrs.) is given.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):115-124
pages 115-124 views

Analysis of antibiotic sensitivity of E. coli in patients with chronic calculous pyelonephritis

Kulchenko N.G., Vekilyan M.A.


There are substantial differences in the sensitivity of uropathogens to antimicrobial agents in different countries and regions of the same country. So important is a regular review of the antimicrobial activity. The purpose of the study is to improve the results of treatment of patients with complicated calculous pyelonephritis. The materials and methods. Conducted retrospective pharmaco-epidemiological analysis of medical records of 91 patients who were treated in 2015, in a hospital of Volgograd city. All patients underwent standard clinical examination, with mandatory bacteriological urine analysis, ultrasound examination of kidneys. Results. To date, 89.4% of patients with chronic calculous pyelonephritis have high sensitivity of the main causative agents of infection to cephalosporins of the third and fourth generation, 86.4% - to the protected beta-lactam penicillins (amoxicillin/clavulanate) and 97,7% - to the derived carbapenemov (p < 0.05). Conclusions. Regular monitoring of local and regional antibiotic sensitivity and resistance of uropathogens is required.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):125-131
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Aspects of the application of «Cost of illness» indicator in the practice of healthcare managers

Otstavnov S.S., Kharchenko V.V., Breusov A.V., Otstavnov N.S.


“The cost of illness” is a detailed index for assessing the socio-economic losses caused by illness and related disability and death in money terms. The indicator is used in a variety of tasks, including the prediction of the positive effect of the medical devices introduction planning of the complex of medical-diagnostic and preventive measures in the healthcare system. The authors discussed in detail the structure of containing cost of illness losses (costs) - direct, indirect and intangible, briefly describes the key techniques for assessing cost of illness. SWOT-analysis carried out in the paper proved that “strongs” and “opportunities” despite possible negative impact of the internal and external factors contribute to the successful use of the “cost of illness” indicator in a wide range of different applications. In an aspect of the problem the key indicators of the road transport situation in Russia are described and the comparison of some key performance indicators of road transport situation in the country and in the world was carried out. Using specific examples in the field of traffic injuries the expedieny of the effect of the cost of illness-consequence on the structure of the cost of illness-cause was shown. Based on the foregoing, the modification of the structure of “cost of illness” proposed, taking into account an additional element, which we called “additive” losses, determining the contribution of a disease or condition in the cost of the other, which is the root cause of it. In view of these results it was concluded that the economic “assessment of the cost” of various diseases in the context of their relationship is of interest both from a theoretical and applied perspectives, and deserves further detailed study.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):132-142
pages 132-142 views

Modern opportunities in cosmetology at regional clinic

Pozdnyakov M.A., Krasil’nikova O.N.


Investigated the activity of the regional polyclinics “Dermatovenereology and cosmetology”. Established that the main nosological skin and subcutaneous tissue pathology is acne, papillomas, warts. Among the common cosmetology, dermatocosmetology is 12.1%, which emphasizes the need for further study and implementation of new organizational solutions in the activities of the cosmetology clinic.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):143-151
pages 143-151 views

Analysis indicators of the work of clinical-diagnostic department regional perinatal center

Kharitonov A.K.


Consultative and diagnostic department of Moscow Regional Perinatal Center, indications to the direction to it for examination consistently considered in the article. Characteristic of the spectrum of manipulations and specific diagnostic methods perfoming in the department is given. Established that for 2010-2015 years the number of colposcopy, biopsy cervical and endometrial, polypectomy was increased several times. In the perinatal center there is a high coverage of pregnant women with prenatal ultrasound screening, while more than 94% of cases has been held three times. The main contingent of pregnant women sent for consultation, were patients with placental insufficiency and threatened miscarriage. In the department for clarifying the diagnosis the state of the fetus was evaluated by CTG, ultrasound fetometry, doppler investigation of fetoplacental complex. When detect of blood flow disorders or fetal growth retardation, pregnant women are hospitalized in this day to the department of pathology pregnancy of the center.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):152-157
pages 152-157 views

Loss of children’s health and ways their reduction in modern conditions (on materials of the Samara region)

Shmelev I.A.


The article presents the results of calculating the loss of health life - Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALY), based on the results obtained from medical and statistical study (number of cases of disease, disability), the analysis of medical records (age establishment of illness, disability). As a result, the number of person-years of life was obtained with the correction on the vital activity limitation due to health problems. Index is the sum of the potential lost of years of life. In its turn this was considered in the development of priority directions of perfection obstetric and pediatric care in the conditions of its reorganization and modernization on the basis of the method Foresight roadmap. As part of the “road map” structural transformation of the system of primary health care, specialized health and social care for mothers and children in the Samara region were proposed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):158-164
pages 158-164 views

Problems of dental care for disabled children in Russia and Abroad

Shovkun N.V., Fomina A.V.


The article describes peculiarities of providing dental care for disabled children in Russia and other countries. Identified problems confirming the relevance of the research. Revealed high incidence of dental diseases among disabled children and the absence of mechanism for implementation of legal norms in the Russian legislation for development and realization of preventive measures for disabled children.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2016;(3):165-171
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