No 1 (2013)


Microbiological control of the efficacy of modern physical methods of drinking water disinfection

Sarukhanova L.E., Volina E.G., Egorkin A.V., Trousov I.Y., Shibunya V.S.


A comparative study of the bacteria survival in water decontaminated by various physical methods is conducted.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):5-8
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Morphological analysis of shape changes in human carcinoma cells in vitro

Strelkova O.S., Gusarova Y.N., Savrova O.B., Alieva I.B.


Cell shape of various body tissues depends on cell functions and may serve as the morphological criterion for tissues classification. Cells change their shapes in response to internal and external factors in vivo and in vitro and it is the criterion of cells transformation in malignization. One of the widely used methods for detection of the cell transformation grade is an electronic microscopy. The apparent advantage of the method is that the morphological changes of the cell as well as the intracellular organelles can be analyzed on the ultrastructural level, which makes the analysis highly informative and reliable. However, the electronic microscopy method is very laborious, and thus for the analysis it is necessary to conduct pre-selectetion of cells. This study proposes a method of pre-morphological analysis of subpopulations of human carcinoma cells, which allows assessing the cell transformation degree compared to the normal cells.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):9-14
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Chumak A.A., Astrelina T.A., Yakovleva M.V., Lebedeva L.L., TV Pukhlikova L.L., Dishlevaya Z.M., Arkhipova A.N., Azova M.M.


This study presents the genetic polymorphism of HLA-antigens in acquired aplastic anemia (AAA) in 147 children (85 boys и 62 girls) aged 1 to 18 with. The control group is consisted of 1700 umbilical cord blood samples of healthy newborns. The genetic polymorphism of HLA was studied in groups of children with AAA, divided by gender and age. Our results revealed distinction in HLA-markers of predisposition and sustainability to AAA. Possible differences in factors of immunogenetic predisposition suggest different mechanisms involved in the development of the disease in different groups of children and reconsider the existing model of the pathogenesis of AAA.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):15-19
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LDF of the skin microcirculation in different areas of the body and rationale morphofunctional

Kozlov V.I., Gurova O.A., Morozov M.V.


Using laser doppler flowmetry (LDF) the parameters of skin microcirculation of different topographo-anatomic regions of the body at healthy persons age of 18—24 years were studied. Features of the skin structure and microvessels in these areas of the body are investigated by histological methods and capillaroscopy. Normative parameters of microcirculation in the skin of head, body and main segments of hand and leg are determined.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):20-26
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Duration of abpm as an important prerequisite for a reliable diagnosis of vascular variability disorders (VVDs)

Gumarova L.Z., Cornelissen G., Halberg F., Mansharipova A.T., Otsuka K., Syutkina E.V., Masalov A.V., Chibisov S.M., Frolov V.A.


ABPM records from 26 clinically healthy residents of Tosa City, Japan over 6 or 7 days were analyzed overall and day-by-day in order to determine the frequency of occurrence of vascular variability abnormalities (VVAs) and the extent of reproducibility of the results from one day to another. ABPM records over 18 to 33 hours from 360 patients of a specialized cardiology clinic in Almaty (Kazakhstan) with cardiovascular diseases of medium or high severity were also analyzed. Among all records from Tosa City, at least one VVA was found on at least one day in all residents. Twelve subjects with no overall abnormality had VVAs in 1 to 3 days. Of the remaining 14 subjects, only one had no overall abnormality but at least one VVA in 6 of 7 days. The other 13 had at least one VVA in 4 or more days as well as an overall abnormal record One or more VVAs occurred in 78% of the cardiac patients in Almaty. More than one type of VVA was found in 50% of the patients. In 22% of cardiac patients no VVA was found, despite the fact that these patients had cardiovascular diseases. The large day-to-day variability in circadian characteristics of blood pressure and heart rate observed in Tosa City and the associated presence or absence of VVA(s) on a given day indicate the need to monitor for longer than 24 hours and to repeat the monitoring once a VVA is detected, until historically feasible lifelong monitoring can be implemented.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):27-33
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Success of clinical applications of a method dispersive mapping

Ivanov G.G., Alexandrova M.R., Dvornikov V.E., Halaby G., Azaraksh A.H.


The article includes a brief description of the new method in the electrocardiographic diagnostics — Dispersion Mapping, and the main results of clinical studies. The method finds now the increasing application in clinical practice. The general theoretical prerequisites and methodological aspects of application of the method were considered and the basic principles of analysis were proposed. The results of our original studies were stated. The data on diagnostic and prognostic meaning of the dispersion mapping in health groups and group of patients with different forms of the Coronary Heart Disease were heavily emphasized. Some distant outcomes of the acute coronary syndrome and results of other recent clinical studies were considered.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):34-45
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Characteristic of infections caused with hepatitis b and c viruses at chronic renal failure patients stayed on programmed hemodyalysis

Mikhailov M.I., Mamedov M.K., Dadasheva A.E.


The authors carried out serological and biochemical testing of blood serum of undergone hemodialysis 434 patients with chronic renal failure and constantly living in Baku for determination of hepatitis B and C viral infections spreading and pathogenic peculiarities of theses infections course at such patients. It was demonstrated that frequency of these infections' serologic markers detection among above mentioned patients was significantly higher than analogous indexes at healthy inhabitants of Baku. Besides it was shown that at more than 2/ 3 of patients both infections coursed in pathogenetical variants which were not accompanied with appearance in the blood biochemical signs of liver dysfunction.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):46-51
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Optimisation of combined therapy and clinico-laboratory control of children with bronchial asthma, using formoterol

Puschko L.V., Alekseeva O.V., Brilkova T.V., Nazarova T.I., Oboladze T.B., Samitova E.R.


Searching for exact ways and scheme of treatment and supervising asthma patients on long-acting form of b 2-agonist (Formoterol) therapy is still very actual. We studied 31 children (from 7 to 11 years) with moderate non-controled bronchial asthma during 12 weeks. As a basic therapy inhaled corticosteroids-mono or in a combination with Foradyle were used. Corresponding data on Childhood Asthma Control Test, lung function, electrocardiogram, serum potassium and glucose concentrations were monitoring clinically. No adverse reactions were seen. The results obtained for the case of combined therapy with formoterol point out the necessity of more frequent than prescribed observation of the patient state trend, with taking electrocardiography and especially compliance into account.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):52-57
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Abdominal wall reconstruction at the hernioplasty of the big and huge, recurrent median hernias

Botezatu A.A.


At the solution of problem of hernioplasty of the big and huge postoperative recurrent median hernias alternatively to alloprosthetics were offered various reconstructive autoplastic operations referred on restitution of rectus muscles in natural position with which they occupied before herniation. The series of similar operations is historically surveyed. The preference is given to operation of O. Ramirez which however has number of disadvantages: fragile bracing of medial edges of rectus muscles that leads to frequent recurrences; real danger of occurrence of pararectal hernias. It is shown that the combination of this operation with autodermoplasty promotes substantial improvement of results of treatment. Among 124 operated it is registered 2 (1,6 %) lethal outcomes (in the nearest postoperative period) and 5 (4,0 %) recidives, are taped in the remote terms.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):58-63
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Role of femoral head ligament in pathogenesis of coxarthrosis

Arkhipov S.V., Abdulkhabirov M.A., Skortsov D.V.


In this study, patients with coxarthrosis and a control group of persons were clinically and radiographically examined. Intraoperatively the pathomorphology of the hip joint and changes of the femoral head ligament in coxarthrosis and the hip fracture without signs of coxarthrosis were studied. On a mechanical model the role of the femoral head ligament in the biomechanics of the vertical posture and normal walking was clarify and when it was damaged. Pathological and radiological changes in coxarthrosis compared with the fact of a pathology of femoral head ligament.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):64-69
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Endoscopic remodeling of hepaticojejunoanastomosis stricture through the closed end of the roux-en-y loop empty intestine

Rybachkov V.V., Razdrogin V.A., Gerasimovski N.V., Kiriljuk A.A., Saigushev A.V., Filatov M.S., Sokolov V.I.


The results of the reconstructive operations on biliary tracts due to corrosive strictures can’t be considered satisfactory. In 12—30% of cases scarring of biliodigestive anastomosis is reported. The original endoscopic remodeling technique through the “closed end” of the Roux-en-Y loop empty intestine is described.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):70-76
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Peculiarities of diagnosis of adrenal tumors

Filimonyuk A.V., Smirnova E.A., Tedoradze R.V., Smelkova N.I.


The article presents the analysis of the effectiveness of different methods of investigation of patients with adrenal tumors undergoing examination and treatment in Russian Cancer Research Centre, Troitsk hospital of Russian Academy of Science and Municipal clinical hospital of Mytischy. Based on the results the algorithm of examination is developed and appropriate recommendations are given. Established that only a complete complex examination including of radiological imaging (CT, MRI, ultrasound, angiography) provide accurate data on the size and structure of the tumor, its relation to the surrounding organs and vessels, the presence of regional lymph node and distant metastases, which is essential for selecting the optimal surgical approach.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):77-83
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Efficacy of longidaza in prevention of sclerous processes after surgery on urinary tracts

Kiryukhina T.A., Avdoshin V.P., Andryukhin M.I., Pulbere S.A.


The success of the surgery performed on the urinary tract, much depends on preventing scar-sclerotic complications in the postoperative period. In this regard, an important issue is to find a path genetically based methods to prevent the development of urinary tract strictures. After performing surgical procedures on the urinary tract of a complex drug therapy by Longidaza 3000 IU in combination with magnetic-laser therapy can reduce the development of sclerotic complications in 3 times, which reduces the number of repeat surgery, and can be recommended for use in clinical practice.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):84-88
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Optimization of treatment of urolithiasis in patients with gout, complicated by nephropathy

Annenkov A.V., Avdoshin V.P., Andryukhin M.I., Israfilov M.N.


Aim: to improve the treatment of urolithiasis in patients with gout, complicated nephropathy. 68 patients with urate urolithiasis and gout complicated nephropathy, including 24 women and 44 men aged from 42 to 88 years, mean age 61 ± 8.7 years were examined. Duration of illness ranged from 2 to 28 years, mean 11.7 ± 5.1 years. All patients were treated by Trometamol N 500 ml intravenously per day rated of 10 infusions and low intensive laser therapy. Conducted therapy results in the dissolution of concrements, the normalization of purine metabolism, improvement of renal function, manifested by increasinf of glomerular filtration and decreasing of blood creatinine. Conclusion. It is reasonable to use Trometamol N in the complex therapy of urolithiasis in patients with gout, complicated by nephropathy.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):89-93
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Some features of hormonal status in case of congenital cervical ectopia

Konstantinova Z.E., Molochkov A.V., Murakov S.V., Bagramova G.E., Maykov O.A., Veredchenko A.V., Popkov S.A.


The article presents data on the effects of ovarian hormones on the development of congenital cervical ectopia in young nulliparous women. Found that the pathological course of pregnancy leads to changes in the fetoplacental system, and results in a decrease of estriol concentration and increase of progesterone protective compensatory levels.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):94-99
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Improving of biological therapies of iatrogenic forms pulpitis in experiments

Nikolskaya I.A.


This pilot study has developed a unique complex of measures aimed at preserving the vitality and regeneration of dental pulp. A comparative analysis of the characteristics of therapeutic pads on calcium hydroxide and hydroxyapatite ultra-dispersion, as well as their use in combination with physiotherapy — ozone therapy. These measures were aimed at increasing the protection of the pulp from external influences and created conditions for the invertibility of inflammation and regeneration. These studies provide the development a measure complex aimed at preserving the vitality of the tooth pulp, and to achieve sustainable results in patients in clinical practice.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):100-102
pages 100-102 views

Bipolar II disorder: principles of diagnostics and therapy

Akzhyguitov R.G., Karnozov V.L.


The article deals with the results of study of patients with diagnosed recurrent depressive disorder. The diagnostic criteria, clinical manifestations, psychological and social aspects and possibilities of therapy of bipolar II disorder are discussed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):103-105
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The category of «Social health of the population» in the public health

Fomina A.V., Breusov A.V., Chirkov V.A., Breusov R.A.


Social management — is not only the area of practice all levels of government, social services, the object of which is the people and all areas of their life, but also an important element of the organization of health care and Public Health. Social management has a clear direction and a specific object of administrative impact in every area of public life, including the health care system.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):106-111
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Catering students

Drozhzhina N.A., Maksimenko L.V.


According to the survey of students of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (pfur), revealed that to improve the catering students, according to the students, the need for food organization in canteens, organizing conditions for preparing food in the hostels, organizing time for meals at lunch time, the introduction of the post of a dietarian and a gastroenterologist at the PFUR clinic № 25. Required health education to students on the issue of the rational nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, which can be implemented in a variety of ways.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(1):112-118
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