Splanchnic hemomicrocirculation in abdominal surgery

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Splanchnic blood circulation in patients with emergency surgical diseases and abdominal injuries is an integral indicator of functional disorders and a prognostic index of multiple organ failure development. The purpose of the research was to study abdominal membrane splanchnic hemomicrocirculation in the abdominal surgery conditions. As a result, specifics of abdominal hemomicrocirculation disruptions during a surgical intervention was revealed. It was established that the “open abdomen” method is not recommended for treatment of intra-abdominal hypertension and shall be replaced with other methods of decompressive closure of the abdominal cavity.

About the authors

E E Lukoyanychev

Municipal Clinical Hospital № 35

Email: fai@mts-nn.ru

M G Ryabkov

Municipal Clinical Hospital № 12

Email: max-doc@mail.ru

A A Mironov

Lobachevskiy State university

Email: andron.mironov@gmail.com
Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Biochemistry, Research Institute of Living Systems; Department of Normal Physiology n.a. N.Yu. Belenkov, Central Research Laboratory of the Medical State Academy of Nizhniy Novgorod Minin y Pozharskiy Squ., 10/1, GSP-470, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603950

A I Rotkov

Municipal Clinical Hospital № 35

Email: fai@mts-nn.ru


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