Risk factor of recurrent fetal growth with restiction

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The case-control study was designed to determine prevalence and risk factors of fetal growth restriction (FGR) in 588 women. Two hundred fifty three factors were analyzed. It’s shown, that FGR history 6.1-fold increases the risk of FGR in consecutive pregnancy (OR 6.1; CI 95% 3.7—10.0; p < 0.001). Main FGR risk factors are obesity (OR 7.6; CI 95% 2.0—29.2; p = 0.037), more than two cases of early pregnancy loss in history (OR 3.2; CI 95% 1.9—9.2; p = 0.037), chronic endometritis (OR 4.1; CI 95% 1.6—10.6; p = 0.006).

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M G Nikolaeva

Altai State Medical University

Email: nikolmg@yandex.ru
Department of obstetrics and gynecology № 2


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