Clinico-pathogenetic features of an osteoporosis at the women of genesial age burdened by a cancer of a body and a neck of a uterus, in a state of a medicamental and surgical menopause

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In this article clinical indexes of the dynamics of mineral bone density according to both densitometry and marker of resorption as well as bone formation and steroid blood hormons in patients in postovarioectomy are analysed. These patients state was complicated by cancer of the corpus and colli uterus after etiopathogenetic treatment including total husterectomy, radiation therapy and polychemotherapy. According the results of the comparative analysis in patients with postvarioectomic syndrome developed after surgical treatment for benign internal genitalia diseases we may make the conclusion on pathogenetic role of postovarioectomic syndrome in the development of bone disturbances in female patients which underwent total hysterectomy and special therapy.

About the authors

L V Pokul

Hospital of Clinical Oncology by Krasnodar

Отделение оперативной гинекологии; Краснодарский краевой клинический онкологический диспансер; Hospital of Clinical Oncology by Krasnodar

I D Evtushenko

Siberian Government University

Кафедра акушерства и гинекологии; Сибирский государственный медицинский университет; Siberian Government University


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