Intra and interhermispheric coherence peculiarities in foreign language perception

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Findings of the EEG investigation of students studying English, German, French and Latin are presented in the paper. Cortical activity peculiarities in frequency ranges between 4 and 30 Hz are revealed, EEG determinants of language abilities being estimated. Theta and beta bands are established to be more involved in the process of language perception. English and German cause greater left-hemisphere activity that is particularly marked in parietal, temporal and central regions. Perception of Latin and French is accompanied by the brain activity displacement to the right hemisphere. Results obtained during the investigation point to the close correlations between EEG peculiarities, short-term memory and successful language mastering.

About the authors

L A Khokhlova

Northern State Medical University

Кафедра иностранных языков; Северный государственный медицинский университет; Northern State Medical University

L E Deryagina

Moscow University of the Ministry of Interior of Russia

Moscow University of the Ministry of Interior of Russia


Copyright (c) 2010 Хохлова Л.А., Дерягина Л.Е.

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