Tables for scrining estimations of visual acuity and early diagnostics age maculodistrophy

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Tables offered by us for visual acuity definition contain only alphabetic optotypes with prevalence of vertical strips П, Н, Ш, И, and geometrical figures: the triangle, a square, a circle, allow to define visual acuity to 2,0. The small 0,05 step of the table allows to carry out researches with accuracy that is especially important at visual acuity definition above 1,0. Unlike others, allow to reveal and estimate change of visual acuity for the purpose of early diagnostics of a pathology of an eye bottom (maculodistrophy, etc.).

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T G Tlupova

The Kabardino-Balkarian state university of H.M. Berbekov

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Доцент; Кабардино-Балкарский государственный университет им. Х.М. Бербекова; The Kabardino-Balkarian state university of H.M. Berbekov


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