Thyroid status of children having hyperactivity and attention-defisit syndrome

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The article presents the results of examining pre-school children diagnosed as having hyperactivity and attention-deficit syndrome, prevalence and types of dyslexic disorders, minor motility, hyperactivity as well as the information about thyrotropic, thyroid hormones and T-cohesive ability in blood and oral fluid.
Hyperactive behaviour of school children is a crucial medical and social problem today. This problem is dealt with by various specialists, such as neurologists, pediatricians, psychologists and teachers. Such phenomena as variability, different clinical manifestations, varied methodology of testing children in order to define the clinical forms of the syndrome by different specialists leads to the lack of accurate terminology and objective diagnostic criteria. The data about the patients diagnosed as having hyperactivity and attention-deficit syndrome described in the periodicals are mostly concerned with children aged 6-11 [1, 2].Consequently the children of a younger age, adolescents and adults are not given due attention.

About the authors

U V Pervova

Povolzhskaya Socio-Humanitarian Academy

Email: <>
Доктор мед. наук, профессорФакультет коррекционной педагогики; Поволжская социально-гуманитарная академия; Povolzhskaya Socio-Humanitarian Academy

O I Reznikova

Dorozhnaya Clinical Hospital at Samara Railway Station

Email: <>
Врач клинико-диагностической лаборатории; НУЗ «Дорожная клиническая больница» на ст. Самара ОАО РЖД; Dorozhnaya Clinical Hospital at Samara Railway Station


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