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The article describes a method of quantitative analysis of anxiolytic drug with neuropro-tective activity - fabomotizole (afobazole) in rabbit blood plasma by HPLC with UV detection at 302 nm. The analysis was performed in isocratic mode using Stayer chromatography system and a reversed-phase column Phenomenex Synergi 4u Polar-RP 80A (250х4.6,4 µm) and a mobile phase (acetonitrile-water-glacial acetic acid-triethylamine in the ratio 100 : 240 : 100 : 0,3 : 0,25) at pH 6.1. The retention time of test-substance was 10,00 +/- 0,11 min. Fabomotizole extraction from plasma carried using diethyl ether (1.5 ml plasma and 6 ml acetonitrile) by shaking on Shaker apparatus at 400 vol./min for 10 minutes, centrifuging at 3500 rpm. for 10 minutes and evaporation of the supernatant on a vacuum rotary evaporator at 40 C. The recovery was 87%. The developed technique is characterized by sensitivity, specificity, ease of implementation, repro-ducibility and linearity in the plasma concentration range after oral administration of 3.8 mg of the substance (Afobazol tablets, 10 mg, Pharmstandart-Leksredstva, Russia) to rabbits.

About the authors

E N Yakusheva

Ryazan State Medical University

Author for correspondence.

Якушева Елена Николаевна, д.м.н., профессор, заведующая кафедрой фармакологии с курсом фармации ФДПО ФГБОУ ВО РязГМУ Минздрава России, г. Рязань

I V Chernih

Ryazan State Medical University


A V Shchulkin

Ryazan State Medical University


M V Gatsanoga

Ryazan State Medical University



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Copyright (c) 2017 Yakusheva E.N., Chernih I.V., Shchulkin A.V., Gatsanoga M.V.

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