The birth of the Reader doesn't mean death of the Author

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The reviewed book of the modern English theorist of a modernism Max Saunders, Selfimpression: Life-Writing, Autobiografiction and the Forms of Modern Literature, offers original research of a phenomenon of the life-writing. Saunders analyzes, in parallel with critical work concerning the autobiography in fiction, works of the first row of the European literary modernism and postmodernism with 1870 for 1930. He offers new treatment of dialogue of the author - hero - reader, caused by the selfimpression-autobiography of the reader as reaction to the selfimpression-biography of the author put in the text. For this purpose the scientist assorts as, in what ways writers unite life-writing with a fiction. As a result Saunders's research forces to reconsider the settled concepts about the autogenic hero and a parity of the author - hero - reader, especially in Soviet-Russian scientific tradition.

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Zh A Golenko

Member of the Moscow city literary organization

Member of the Moscow city literary organization


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