Faustian theme in the story by T. Tolstaya “Cleen Sheet” (Chistiy List”) in the light of the intertextual approach

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Through an intertextual approach this article presents an analysis of Faustian theme in T. Tolstaya’s story “Cleen Sheet” (“Chistiy List”). Deep links of the text under analysis are identified with preceding literary pre-texts. Recognizable symbolic models (from literature, myths, fairy tales and the Bible) are tracked as being engaged into the intertextual field of the story to reach new objectives of the author. The article illustrates the game character of the “Cleen Sheet” story’s artistic world, through which the author rethinks the philosophical and moral problems of the Faust character.

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I P Koleva

The University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”

Email: irinakoleva@hotmail.it
The Department of International Sciences: History, Languages and Culture The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature


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