The Myth in the Literature of Peoples of the North: Book Review: Zhuleva, A.S. (2019). Mifopoeticheskaya model' mira v nenetskoi literature [Mythopoetic World Model in the Nenets Literature]. Moscow: IMLI RAS

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The analysis of A.S. Zhuleva’s monograph is carried out. The author investigates Nenets mythopoetic world model on the basis of pieces of fiction and attracts various sources to fulfill this task: myths, folklore, the epos, data from linguistics, ethnography and ethnology, history of people and also materials about traditional representations in consciousness of the modern person. In the course of the research the author considered works of the different periods, including such writers as Tyko Vylka, I. Nogo and also their followers: V. Ledkov, L. Laptsuy, L. Nenyang, Yu. Vella, A. Nerkagi, etc.

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Ruslan Z. Khayrullin

Russian New University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication

22 Radio St, Moscow, 105005, Russian Federation


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