Combining activities of the сhief editor and the host of information program: new regional specifics (on the example of GTRK “Vladivostok”)

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Universality finds new incarnations in practical journalistic activity. In regional editions a different type of universality appears, expressed in the combination of the activities of the chief editor and the news anchor. The article analyzes the experience of the GTRK “Vladivostok”, which broadcasts on the territory of the Primorsky Krai. The problem of the emergence of a new trend in journalism is still poorly understood. Now the chief editor, who is responsible for the work of the whole team and forms the news program, needs to combine various journalistic communicative roles, including technical and managerial skills. Based on a comparative analysis of job descriptions, the author makes assumptions about how compatible these two professions are in terms of rights and functional responsibilities, and what is their fundamental difference. When examining two job descriptions, it becomes clear that the work of the chief editor essentially absorbs the duties of the presenter, which means that it allows you to combine editorial activities with the conduct of broadcasts.

About the authors

Olga N. Semakina

Far Eastern Federal University; GTRK “Vladivostok”

Author for correspondence.

graduate student of the Far Eastern Federal University (Department of Communications and Media), Chief Editor of the Information Program Service of the GTRK “Vladivostok”.

8 Sukhanova St., Vladivostok, 690091, Russian Federation; 20A Uborevicha St., Vladivostok, 690090, Russian Federation


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