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In the article the immaturity is detected of such a key problem of the science of journalism as mass information flows. An attempt was made to consider the problem of information flows at a synergetic angle. The rules were formulated describing the principle and mode of operation of mass information flows in society. It is shown that the information flow represents a complex dynamic system consisting of a multitude of relatively independent subsystems represented by information inflows. In the context of study the world information picture appears as the projection of global information flow. The insecurity is identified for a person from information flows as a global self-developing system capable of having an unpredictable and undesirable impact on his/her perception and behavior.

About the authors

Vladimir Ilyich Cherednichenko

Kuban Social and Economic Institute

Author for correspondence.
Kamvol’naja str., 3, Krasnodar, Russia, 350018


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Copyright (c) 2017 Чередниченко В.И.

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